Oshilai wall cloth decorates a leisurely summer ho

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Summer is long, light pink, grandma's yellow, temperament fresh blue, light green. Osley wall cloth decorates a beautiful home with macarone color

long summer

light pink, grandma's yellow

temperament fresh blue

light green

decorate a beautiful small home with macarone

house type map

100 square meters | fresh macarone Nordic style

guest restaurant

light green | gray | pink

the structure of the guest restaurant is very simple. The original room was a large space without any partition. However, after being separated on both sides of the porch, a small porch is created, which can not only prevent others from seeing the room directly, but also place a porch cabinet next to it to facilitate access to keys, shoes, etc

use light green as the background

gray, log, powder

as the collocation

simple Fresh decorative painting

the whole space is full of freshness

super large floor to ceiling windows

give enough lighting to the home

small bar

show the owner's small personality

the restaurant is outside the kitchen

log colored dining table

against the light green

it looks very gentle

"India Lake"

yh 04

master bedroom

light green | gray powder | log

simple, fresh and warm, It is the characteristic of the whole master bedroom space. The light green, slightly gray pink, and the English letters keep dreaming and only once add a bit of artistic style to the whole space

light green is the background wall

the rest of the walls are pink

and the freshness of the living room

there is a small balcony outside the master bedroom

designed as a small space integrating work and leisure

children's room

light green | white | pink

the main body of the children's room is a high-low bed, two bed model, which meets the needs of a small home, A family with two children. The combination of light green and light pink makes the whole space very warm and suitable for children's growth

on the light green wall

is a cute little bee

full of childlike fun

and full of Nordic style

"light thinking"

qx - 12

oshilai seamless wall cloth is green and environmentally friendly. The process is produced with world-class advanced equipment, years of experienced textile technology and patterns independently developed and designed. The product is unique and the quality is assured and reliable

(image and text source: Ou Shilai wall cloth, invasion and deletion)





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