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The new Chinese style is favored by more and more young people. The whole space can obviously feel the flavor of Oriental culture, but it is not so dull and stable, but shows a vigorous vitality and modern aesthetic atmosphere everywhere

with the rapid development of society, commercialization is everywhere,

modernization, streets and alleys, busy traffic

in such a city, people are eager to have a pure land,

let busy be forgotten for a while, let the body and mind rest for a moment

great hermit in the dynasty, middle hermit in the city,

living here, don't hear the noise

the new Chinese style overall home is favored by more and more young people.

the whole space can obviously feel the flavor of Oriental culture,

but it is not so dull and stable,

but everywhere shows a vigorous vitality and modern aesthetic atmosphere

let's take a look at this real artist carefully designed by bangyuan famous craftsman and designer for customers

living room

▲ the design of the living room is a little quiet and ancient, which makes you think about it. It is impossible to hide that a person's spiritual world is the externalization of his heart and temperament. Inherit the essence of the household concept in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, refine and enrich the classic elements. The new Chinese style living room is elegant and temperament. It combines classical elements with modern elements to create a beautiful and fresh artistic conception


▲ open the door to the porch, which is simple, generous, solemn and elegant, with an antique charm. The subtlety and softness of Chinese elements and modern materials lies in creating a harmonious, beautiful and temperament atmosphere. Compared with other styles, it has infinite charm, and the subtle taste is more wonderful

master bedroom

▲ the master bedroom is decorated with different colors, and a quiet oil painting is hung on the bedside wall, creating a romantic and comfortable space atmosphere. In order to add some warmth to the room, I specially put the dressing table on the right side of the bed, which is exquisite and simple, empty and indifferent. Let people be in it and enjoy peace

guest room

▲ the guest room is used for entertaining guests. Because the space is very small, the owner sets the room in the style of tatami, and adds many cabinets at the head of the bed to place items, which not only increases the space, but also meets the storage needs


▲ the study of the new Chinese style is dignified and elegant, which makes people calm and calm. It is very suitable for modern urbanites who are nervous. Moreover, the cultural heritage precipitated by the Chinese style can also be best reflected in the design of the study

children's room

▲ the design of children's room is simple, and it is also based on tatami. The wall is hung with animal cartoons loved by the baby, adding childlike fun to the room. The wallpaper decoration used at the bedside of children not only plays a role in space decoration, but also avoids the pollution and scratches of the solid color wall

in the design of this case,

wooden building materials are selected to create a warm and retro feeling,

darker, brown and wood grain

are used to convey the unique temperature of American style

skillfully use stripe stitching to enhance the three-dimensional sense, soften the spatial texture,

and add fineness to the home design

let's take a look at such a home:





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