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In today's interior decoration, because our request is higher and higher, the variety of doors is increasing. Hanging rail sliding door is a new kind of indoor door. Is the sliding door with hanging rail suitable for indoor door? Next, Xiaobian will introduce it to us

the lifting rail sliding door is the lifting door. It is a kind of door that uses the upper lifting wheel to support sliding. This kind of door is beautiful and generous without noise and threshold when it is opened. It is suitable for balcony, restaurant, kitchen, toilet interval, etc. it is widely used in families, workplaces, hotels, restaurants, KTV entertainment occasions

first, the characteristics of the sliding door of the hanging rail

there is no off track. For the space where the off track device is inappropriate, such as the stone floor, the elderly often walk around, and the space of children is more convenient and comfortable. The characteristic of the hanging rail door is that it does not get off the rail. For the space where the inappropriate device gets off the rail, such as the stone floor, the elderly often walk around, and the space for children is more convenient

II. Variety

1 Light rail door: it is easy to push and pull, and has various styles. It can be planned according to the general sliding door style. The door frame and door panel data are completely common with the general partition or closet door

2. Heavy rail door: the door frame is wide and thick, and the door panel is thick, which is solid and durable. The whole function of the door body is similar to that of the solid wood door, but the service life and level are better than the general wood door. The sliding and sliding are smooth, and the buckle door lock can be installed

III. device request

sliding doors must ensure the width of two doors. Sliding doors can be considered when there is little front and rear space. Pay attention to the noise when using sliding doors when installing devices, and choose better lifting rails

IV. selection tips

now we widely choose titanium magnesium aluminum alloy sliding doors, which are low-carbon, environmentally friendly, moderate in price, and highly decorative. They are suitable for installation in wet environments such as bathhouses and kitchens. Its material is solid, there are many patterns, and there are many kinds of glass. At the same time, it is more economical than other sliding doors




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