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Recently, Xiaobian received instructions from his leaders to promote (boast) our new mattress products. He can rack his brains and read a lot of information, but it is also difficult to write. Nitrogen! It is heartbreaking to think that many readers are deprived of sleep at night by uncomfortable mattresses because of their busy work and high pressure of life

in order to make everyone sleep comfortably and clearly in the second half of their lives, Xiaobian, who has found conscience, decided to incarnate as a professional sleeper and sleep with TA in person! Yes, it's sleeping hard

in the simplest and crudest way, I'll show you what's special about the new Deville mattress. After a lot of experience and testing, I finally found the amazing secret that can quickly improve the quality of sleep on the Deville mattress! (quickly take out your notes and highlight)

the mattress fabric naturally touches the skin

it's not too much to describe a good mattress as being alive and not sticky. During sleep, the surface fabric of the mattress is in direct contact with the skin. The quality of the fabric determines whether your skin wants to be close to it

the de Ville mattress fabric is provided by a well-known Belgian mattress fabric supplier. The surface feels soft, hygroscopic and breathable, and fully cares for every inch of skin. Among them, bamboo charcoal fiber is specially added, which can release negative ions, effectively remove all kinds of harmful gases, and play the role of deodorization, corrosion prevention and moisture prevention

designed to fit the curve of the human body

every part of the human body has acupoints, and there are more than 100 on the back alone. Proper massage of acupoints every day can effectively alleviate physical fatigue

dewell mattress is equipped with a newly upgraded spring system, with a spring coverage rate of more than 78%, a rebound rate of up to 98%, and a support force of 30% stronger than ordinary springs, ensuring full support for the human body. More importantly, the independent bagged springs in the mattress operate separately, point-to-point support, separate force expansion, and automatically follow the curve of the human body, which is in line with ergonomics, so that the soft and hard are moderate, so that all parts of the body are stressed evenly

by fully fitting with the mattress, the acupoints of the human body can be fully massaged, and the tired bones, vertebrae and muscles will also be fully relaxed and rested, so as to effectively improve the quality of sleep

mute system eliminates interference

in addition to comfortable body feeling, if the influence of external factors such as noise and mattress fluctuation can be excluded during sleep, the sleep experience must be improved

the other two functions of the independent bagged spring are that it does not interfere with each other when it is stressed alone. On the one hand, it isolates the sound of metal friction of the spring. On the other hand, it greatly reduces the impact on your sleeping partner when you turn over and get up at night, completely eliminates the interference of noise, external forces and other factors, and ensures that the sleeping environment is quiet and stable enough




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