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Cloud services: the beginning of Internet subverting the traditional industrial society

the commercial essence of Alibaba and Shanda platforms is to provide rich personalized products by breeding a large number of start-ups to meet the growing personalized needs in the market. Its breeding mode is to provide a complete set of services for start-ups, including capital, promotion, payment, logistics and customer service, and make their own operating capacity available to external users on demand like water and electricity. This is the business model of cloud services

the premise for the birth of cloud services is that Internet breaks the geographical division to form a unified market, and it is profitable to provide products for personalized needs. The objective effect is: to minimize the cost of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs only focus on the core links such as creativity, and operation and management will no longer be important. Small companies began to challenge large companies and subvert the industrial civilization of "winning in scale". Our society and culture will be more independent and free

article | Cheng Lingfeng, special contributor of this journal

| Liu Tao

why is Ma Yun so popular

he not only lets you go on the road of making money, but also a road of independence and freedom. Taobao has completed all the links that a single entrepreneur can't afford: logistics, payment and advertising. Its operation and service capabilities are like water and electricity, allowing entrepreneurs to have free access to them.

Ma Yun said: "if I can start a business successfully, then 80% of Chinese people can start a business successfully." How is that possible

if you have observed this person closely, or seen his astonishing words in win in China, you will know that this person's wisdom and temperament are as rare as that face. Apart from himself, no one has enough imagination to compare Ma Yun with 80% of Chinese people. However, when "Grass Mud Horse" is in the upper market, BASF will also release a door handle line coated with thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Tang Jingxin began to believe this sentence

Tang Jingxin is an ordinary Chinese youth. After graduating from University, he went to Yi do and was promoted to senior level two years later. The leaders trusted him. Tang Jingxin's main work is to package and hype social events such as Liu Xiang's withdrawal from the competition. The more people can click, vent or even fight, the better

Tang Jingxin's life transformation took place in January, 2009. Overnight, the Chinese people with great imagination created a mythical animal called "Grass Mud Horse", which immediately became popular and became a pet of the whole society. Tang Jingxin has accomplished the hype with great skill, but he has a little regret: apart from contributing millions of clicks to such a good theme, is there any real value for mining

greatness happens in an instant. Tang Jing's new inspiration: with the enthusiasm shown by these angry youths on the Internet, if there is a grass mud horse T-shirt or doll, will they wear it on their bodies or tie it to their schoolbags and swagger through the streets? It's better to vent on the Internet, bring this feeling offline and affect more people! Tang Jing got a new job, took out thousands of yuan, designed his own grass mud horse dolls and T-shirts, found a factory in Panyu, Guangzhou, and rushed out a batch of them to sell on Taobao. The result was unexpected. Without any credit, thousands of them were sold. Tang Jingxin found a way. After the same operations of the "Green Dam Niang" and "Jia Junpeng" events, Tang Jingxin knew that this road was feasible

this is not only a way to earn money, but also an independent and free way. In May, 2009, Tang Jingxin resigned from Yi and became a full-time Taobao seller with tens of thousands of Yuan saved in three years of work

now, it is necessary to make an economic summary of this story: what force makes Tang Jingxin and Ma Yun combine

first, the Taobao platform built by Ma Yun has made a previously untenable business model a reality. In other words, with the power of Internet, Taobao has gathered consumers across the country on one platform, and no matter how small the segmentation demand is, it also has a scale effect

if only one of the 100000 people would be interested in grass mud horse dolls, then 10000 people in China would be interested, while only dozens of people in Guangdong Province with tens of millions of people would be interested. Assuming that Tang Jingxin can only sell in one street in Guangzhou, and his voice is hoarse, he will not leave Yi Chuang. However, when 150million people across the country gathered on Taobao, Tang Jingxin successfully sold thousands of dolls and made a profit of thousands of yuan. Only then could he leave and start a business

second, Taobao platform unites a group of partners to help Tang Jing walk a complete chain, and minimize the cost and threshold of operating a business. Specifically, it releases information and pictures through Taobao, promotes and advertises through Ali's mother and through train, delivers goods through contracted logistics providers, collects money through Alipay, and communicates with buyers through Ali Wangwang

what Tang Jingxin needs to do is to concentrate on giving full play to his keen awareness of social hot spots, his understanding of network indignant youth and his creativity in designing a cartoon image. In a word, the whole chain: Ma Yun's platform + Tang Jingxin's creativity = a successful individual entrepreneurship

there is only one Taobao, while Tang Jingxin has at least 10000 in China. Those who also support the portal, or the spirit of the art school, and photographers who travel around the world, all have similar qualities. The same logic applies

Tang Jingxin said, "I would like to commend Taobao as a cause that can be fought for." This is also the difference between Taobao and other online games: first, you have to spend money. To do Taobao is to make money; Playing games is a pastime. Doing Taobao is a career. This is the source of all Ma Yun's strength

chentianqiao thinks alike

when you develop games, I will handle all other links and bear all costs, and you will make a big profit—— Chentianqiao

times make heroes, not heroes make times. The evidence is that when a general trend is about to take shape, not only one person is working in this direction, but a group of people are all following the trend

as early as 2005, chentianqiao began to consider establishing a platform. He has realistic pressure: good games are monopolized by several upstream oligarchs, acting as agents in the downstream and controlled by others. Independent R & D is too risky. It is easy for R & D elites to get VC support and set up their own business. If we can open Shanda's operation platform to the R & D elites, we can not only get rid of the control of upstream game suppliers, but also ensure a stable source of new games

on the contrary, the establishment of the platform also has realistic motivation. At that time, there were only two ways for the R & D elites in the game industry: the first was to recruit people by themselves, not only for R & D, but also for operation, sales, marketing and channels, so as to establish an independent company. Such requirements are high, costs are high, and risks are high. It is not cost-effective to be proficient in R & D and planning. The second is to join a company and become a screw to work. Once chentianqiao said, "you develop games, I'll take care of all other links, bear all the costs, and you make a lot of money", few people will be unmoved

in fact, as a creative industry, only the core creativity and planning are constantly changing. Once the auxiliary channels, payment, promotion, servers and customer service support are established, they will remain basically unchanged. For the society as a whole, one more company to establish this set of things belongs to "heavy dart company takes the initiative to undertake the cost of purchasing the city's waste classification and treatment equipment for reconstruction", which wastes resources

therefore, Shanda launched the "billions" plan in 2007: providing 10000 square meters of office space, investing 100million yuan, and supporting 1000 people to independently develop games. Up to now, not only dozens of start-ups have chosen the Shanda platform, including the tens of millions of metal material testing machines that should meet the following requirements: ① reach the level 1 or above accuracy of testing machine verification; ② With loading and speed regulation device; ③ Have data recording or display devices; ④ Blue harbor, which is regularly verified by the measurement department, and Jinshan, a listed company, also choose the Shanda platform

well, the key question is: what is the "general trend" that Ma Yun and chentianqiao have used


when the interconnection broke the division of hiant engineering services of regional HPM, which provided key support for the above utilization and development, and realized a unified large market, the segmented demand and market that could not be realized previously due to cost problems suddenly became profitable. Tang Jingxin sells T-shirts on the. This will completely release the public demand for personalized goods and further stimulate the creativity of producers to meet these needs. Those suppressed personalities, emotions and creativity in the industrial society come out through the Internet

an "integrated" platform that provides operational support to all creators and connects infinite and abundant personalized products with personalized consumers will emerge. The services provided by this platform are "cloud services". Since then, the principle of winning with large scale and low price in the industrial society has given way to personalized marketing and flexible production in the information age, as well as the subsequent socialized logistics

next, let's further understand this change from the perspective of history and business progress

central power plant, cloud computing, cloud services

if you understand the origin and value of central power plant and cloud computing, you will understand Baiyun services. Its core is to make the service and operation capabilities be able to transmit over long distances like electricity, and demand electricity on demand, which has brought lasting and powerful energy to mankind. When it can carry out long-distance transmission, it is generated at one end of the earth and used at the other end, what does it mean

when Jack Ma introduced to the public the "new business civilization" that Alibaba Group expects to build as a whole, the foundation is to make e-commerce capabilities like electricity, which can be requested and used by thousands of households on demand. What's the meaning of this? What's the result

it will take us a few more seconds to understand the wonderful world of "electricity"

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