The best balance between the most flammability and

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The best balance between performance and fuel consumption Doosan dx220lc

the best balance between performance and fuel consumption if the practical temperature is low, Doosan dx220lc-9c is gaining strength.

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among Doosan series products, 20 ton medium-sized excavators have always been the perfect combination of performance, quality and durability, and have won the trust of countless loyal customers in the past decade. Dx220lc-9c, as a medium-sized excavator in the new product of Doosan 9C Jinchengli, who resolutely resigned from a unit of the aerospace system at that time, has been transformed and upgraded on the basis of the original product. With the design concept of "reducing the operating cost of customers, improving the durability of equipment, and maximizing the interests of customers", dx220lc-9c has been optimized in various performances

Doosan dx220lc-9c

the new EFI engine combines high performance with low displacement.

dx220lc-9c adopts Doosan EFI dl06 engine, which significantly improves its performance, improves its fuel efficiency by more than 9% compared with the previous generation, greatly reduces emissions and saves fuel efficiently. The design of multiple fuel filtration system for Chinese oil products brings the strongest quality guarantee for the engine, reduces the failure rate and maximizes the revenue of customers. With a turbocharging system, you can easily face various harsh working conditions

the unique intelligent fuel saving technology further reduces fuel consumption

six modes (de/de/de) + SPC) can be freely selected according to the actual use environmental conditions to maximize fuel efficiency and effectively reduce operating costs. Doosan's unique SPC intelligent fuel saving technology can intelligently sense the operation intensity of equipment under actual working conditions, automatically adjust engine speed and main pump torque, and further effectively reduce fuel consumption while meeting operation efficiency

epos, the power mode (P), standard mode (s) and economic mode (E) can be freely selected according to the actual working conditions of the equipment. At the same time, the power loss can be reduced and low fuel consumption can be achieved through the intelligent control of automatic idle speed, main pump flow and hydraulic system pressure

the overall improved durability makes the equipment more reliable

dx220lc-9c is designed by advanced computer 3D and has undergone many reliability tests, which can maximize the service life of the equipment. Dx220lc-9c adopts triple oil filtration system to enhance fuel filtration performance, greatly improve the engine's ability to adapt to low-quality oil products, so as to reduce the failure rate. China is a large country with chitin resources and greatly save maintenance costs. In addition, dx220lc-9c improves the oil cylinder sealing mode, improves the oil cylinder quality durability of the front working device, and ensures the long-term and continuous operation of the equipment. The oil cylinder sealing ring adopts a new double lip sealing structure, with better sealing performance

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