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Good application of Delta PLC and touch screen in printing press Abstract: computer technology, network technology and digital technology promote the development of printing press, and the degree of intelligence is becoming higher and higher. This paper introduces the application of Delta PLC products in the printing press industry

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1 introduction

in recent years, with the improvement of automation technology in China, factory automation has also reached a new level. As a new industrial controller, PLC has unique advantages in small size, complete functions, low price and high reliability. The use of touch screen provides a good man-machine interface for the whole control system, so the combination of the two is more and more widely used in various fields of industrial production. The key technology of printing machinery also focuses on Intelligent Commission. In the high-speed double-sided printing machine project in the printing industry, we selected Delta Electromechanical automation PLC products to improve the electrical design

2 process automation analysis

the printing press is a machine with high precision. On the one hand, the quality of printed matter depends on the accuracy of machining and installation, on the other hand, it also depends on the balance of water and ink path and the accuracy of pressing. Each color group of the two-color machine has water and ink path devices. In order to facilitate the adjustment of water roll speed, each water roll is controlled by a frequency converter. At the same time, the speed of the main motor also needs to be adjusted by the frequency converter. In the printing process, adjusting the version is a complicated process. Especially for multi-color machine, the accuracy of each group of plates will have a great impact on the printing. If the overprinting is not accurate, the printed matter will appear literal overlap or unclear image. If you use manual version adjustment, you will waste a lot of time, and the accuracy is not high. In order to realize automatic plate printing, we have installed a potentiometer on the plate roller, which transmits the analog quantity to 4a/d through the potentiometer. After PLC processing, the rotation accuracy of the plate roller can be well controlled within the plate printing range. Since each action must work in a certain sequence under the automatic working mode, the mechanical uses the cam to control the angle of each action during the clutch, and the electrical uses the two-phase incremental rotary encoder to measure the rotation angle of the cam in real time. Each revolution of the encoder generates 360 pulses, and the PLC high-speed counter counts 720, and resets and counts again when it reaches the zero position

3 automation application of Delta Electromechanical Technology

delta eh series is an expandable high-function PLC with high speed, high performance and a wide range of applications. On the basis of the original analog input and output modules and temperature modules, Zhongda Diantong has launched several new high-performance special function modules this year, mainly for the control occasions that need high-speed and accurate processing in the application, including single axis positioning module 01pu, 1ch high-speed counter module 01hc, 2CH high-speed counter module 02hc, which greatly enriches the application functions of PLC and makes it more suitable for different needs in the industrial control environment

dvp01pu positioning control module can be mainly used for speed or position control of stepping or servo drive system, with maximum 200 kHz pulse output. The output adopts high-speed line driver interface or NPN open collector output, with high noise suppression; The data in the module can be read and written through the program instruction from/to; Eight stroke control modes such as zero point reset, inching motion, single speed positioning motion, two continuous speed positioning motion, variable speed motion, hand wheel (MPG) input and two pulse acceleration curves of trapezoidal curve and S curve are built in the module; Dvp01pu positioning control module is an easy-to-use independent single axis pulse wave positioning module, which is applicable to various application occasions where pulse wave control can be received. As the positioning control operation is completed by special hardware, the programming and debugging are simplified, and the precise motion positioning control of the workpiece can be easily realized. It is a higher-order application for free repair and replacement of defective parts or the PLC of the whole machine

3.1 system principle design

the control part takes Delta's dvp-eh PLC as the technical platform, the touch screen as the operation interface, and the frequency converter as the execution component. The touch screen is connected to the COM port of dvpehplc through com2 port and adopts Modbus protocol. PLC controls four frequency converters through 485 port and supports Modbus protocol

3.2 system configuration design

Delta plc:dvp64eh00r + extended dvp08xp11r. Delta touch screen: dop-a57cstd. Delta frequency converter: vfd110b43a; VFD004M21A。 The frame is shown in Figure 1

Figure 1 printer system configuration design

3.3 programming case

(1) touch screen display alarm. Delta eh series PLC provides convenient high-speed counting function, which makes programming simple and debugging fast. We connect the signal line of the encoder to the high-speed counting terminals x0 and X1 of the PLC, the reset terminal of the encoder is connected to X2, the corresponding counter is C251, and Y23 is the host operation. When the encoder is connected incorrectly, the touch screen displays an alarm m455

(2) communication debugging. In the small electrical control system, the communication debugging between equipment is a difficult problem, but Delta PLC and frequency converter have simple communication instructions, and one instruction can solve the problem. For example, to read the output frequency of the main frequency converter, first write the communication protocol, and then use the next command: the surface damage formed by rough polishing is a secondary consideration, in which the address of the communication command device is 01, the data address is h2103, and the data length is 2 words according to BASF's scale. The communication between the two eliminates the control of the intermediate relay and reduces the hidden trouble. The data in the PLC can be read out by using the touch screen, which can easily monitor the problems in operation

(3) picture design. In the man-machine interface, 7 pictures are designed, including overall graphics, fault display, machine speed and counting display, water roller speed display, version adjustment monitoring, etc. The indicator is used for fault display, and the flashing effect can be achieved by giving out the position element, so that the operator can easily know the fault position, and the overall feeling is very good. In the display of water, less oil and bubble roller speed, a histogram is designed to show the increase of water volume. Just press the histogram to increase the water volume and facilitate monitoring. The application of touch screen omits some original buttons, indicator lights, counters, tachometers, time relays, lubrication program-controlled controllers and other components, reducing the failure rate and wiring workload. Delta's human-computer software tpeditor provides seven levels of password protection, which is conducive to the use of manufacturers to limit certain specific use conditions and protect the interests of users. Because the touch screen has 3M memory, a large amount of alarm information is provided in the form of a riding light in the design, and a multi screen PLC input and output status monitoring screen is also designed. The electrical operation and maintenance prompt of the machine are introduced in detail in the system help, which makes the operation, use and maintenance of the electrical system of the whole machine simple and convenient

4 conclusion

this set of system configuration has replaced the configuration of the original foreign brands, greatly improved the cost performance, improved the automation level of the printing machine, saved a lot of auxiliary time, further improved the production efficiency, and the failure rate is far lower than the original configuration

compared with other products, Delta's overall software system interface is relatively friendly, which brings great convenience to users' programming and maintenance. Its touch screen has good universality with PLC. It can monitor and modify the program through the touch screen, which is unmatched by other products. In short, Delta's industrial control components have brought a lot of convenience to designers and users

about the author: sun Rongrui, male, works in Nanjing oudu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. and his research direction is automation system integration. (end)

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