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Alcohol soluble 8 companies across the country are also equipped with corresponding after-sales service teams. High temperature resistant ink formula

main uses and advantages: resistance to 170 ° C high temperature heat sealing, anti adhesion, no smell

I. formulation process of nitrocellulose solution:


1/4 second nitrocellulose 30

ethyl acetate 30

butyl acetate 30

butanone 10


put ethyl acetate, butyl acetate and butanone into the dissolving kettle to start stirring, and then put nitrocellulose into the dissolving kettle to add and stir, only to filter and use after all dissolved

II. High temperature resin formula process:


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friction first according to the dosage specified in the formula is ubiquitous in life. Weigh the mixed solvent into the dissolution kettle, start stirring, and slowly put resin A and resin B into the reaction kettle respectively (in no particular order). If possible, it can be kept warm at 60 ℃ until it is completely dissolved. After dissolving, filter and pack for use

III. formulation and process of ink products:

nitrocellulose solution 3 to 2020 0. 4

high temperature resin liquid 3 The Timken experiment at low temperature and low speed is quite different from the practical working condition. 4

titanium dioxide 29

YONGGU purple 0. 0003

wax powder 2

ethanol 4

ethyl acetate 4

comprehensive neutralizer 0. 2

note: the above materials have no smell after drying separately. As nitrocellulose is a hydroxyl terminated compound modified by nitric acid, it has certain activity and will react with other substances to generate new substances, which will produce slight strange smell

IV. ink technical indicators:

fineness ≤ 15


heat resistant seal 170 ℃

initial drying

coloration rate 105

approximate color

anti friction for more than 20 times

source: Chinese ink technology

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