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Helsinki - the benchmark price of North bleached softwood pulp distributed by the Finnish index compilation agency Foex on Tuesday was US $455.10 per ton, down again from US $457.58 last week. At the same time, LWC magazine paper also fell

the index compilation agency tracks the pulp and paper prices in the European market, Make the following data:

foex price per ton

august 21 benchmark price last week August 14


north but its shrinkage is large. The disadvantage of bleached cork kraft pulp (USD) 455.10 457.58

bleached hardwood kraft pulp (Euro) 440.49 446.83

bleached hardwood kraft pulp (USD) 401.96 398.45


light weight coated magazine paper (reel, Euro) 823.75 827.14

coated sermon paper (reel, Euro) 851.16 after that, 859.41

a4-b copy paper (Euro) 985.43 991.06

European paper (Euro) 610.13 610.41

American paper (US dollar) 575.41 577.73

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