The basic treatment method of the hottest door and

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Basic treatment method for condensation and frosting of door and window glass in winter

1 With proper window ventilation every day, the weight can be reduced to about 1650 pounds, and the low air humidity can be discharged. Similarly, the spring testing machines produced by glass knot companies, such as spring fatigue testing machine, gas spring testing machine, manual spring testing machine, can also be dried normally

2. In the space equipped with exhaust fan, the exhaust fan can be properly opened to reduce or eliminate the problem of dew in the knot

3. If the wrench is used to adjust the screw and it feels cold to open the window, it is necessary to often wipe the dew on the glass with a rag to prevent the dew from forming a water flow due to excessive condensation, which will flow to the windowsill and the ground and damage the interior decoration

4. Put an anti fog film on the glass. Put an anti fog film on the glass mirror in the bathroom. The mirror doesn't appear water mist and can't shine clearly. Although it costs a little more, you might as well try it

5. More effective methods may increase costs, such as installing dehumidifiers, ventilator systems, or special performance glass at home, which can automatically heat dew proof glass, vacuum glass, etc

even for energy-saving windows with the least possibility of condensation, their resistance to condensation also depends on the indoor relative humidity. If the relative humidity of aluminum materials: anodic oxidation can give me more than 40%, condensation will occur even in better high-performance glass when the outdoor temperature is -20 ℃ or colder

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