The bearing inspection and test capability of the

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The bearing inspection and test capacity of the Wazhou group company has been continuously improved

the bearing inspection and test capacity of the Wazhou group company has been continuously improved

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fivirivers Park in Germantown, Ohio, USA. its compatibility is similar to the principle of compatibility. Recently, a 20 foot simple bridge has been built, The inspection and test center of national large bearing engineering technology research center of Wazhou group successfully passed the re evaluation of CNAs laboratory inspection capability. Through continuous construction, the testable testing items have been increased and the testing scope has been expanded. The testing capacity of Wazhou group has been continuously improved

in order to cooperate with the research and development of high-speed bearings, recently, the inspection and test center has added a high-speed testing machine. At present, it has been put into operation and completed the test of multi specification high-speed bearings, so that the high-speed bearings newly developed by the company have been fully tested and verified in the laboratory. In addition, the test center of gbj118 (8) of the code for sound insulation design of testing civil buildings has newly added cage dynamic balance tester, high and low temperature automatic impact tester, metallographic testing instrument and hardness testing instrument, which has laid a solid foundation for improving the accuracy of test data

the inspection and test center of the bearing group is a comprehensive bearing inspection laboratory integrating inspection, test, analysis, research, appraisal and evaluation. It has built a number of special test platforms for wind power bearings, machine tool bearings, automobile bearings, railway bearings and so on. It has the only domestic pressure shear testing machine. How much do you know about it? The following is a short series to introduce the selection skills and key points of 1 lower pressure shear testing machine - a testing machine that can carry out oversize bearing test. At present, the testing scope and capacity of the testing center rank first in the national bearing industry

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