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The debate among factions in the lock market will become more and more intense

Abstract: now the growth of the lock market is in an era of transition. With its characteristics of "high technology, high tranquility and high animality", fingerprint lock has gradually become a tributary of the market if the suction pressure is evacuated

with the rapid growth of the lock industry in recent years, the format understood by all factions has become a major feature of the lock industry. Different factions adhere to the planning concept of each school, give full play to their strengths, compete with each other, and learn from each other to promote competitive degradation. According to statistics, in the future, China's lock market will continue to increase at a rate of more than 20% per year. Some scholars in the industry pointed out that with the continuous progress of science and technology, the growth of the lock industry has entered a transitional period, and the factional disputes in the lock market will also intensify with the upgrading of lock products

Korean locks

Korean locks in the domestic market are mainly electronic locks with the functions of code lock and card lock. The other department is a composite lock integrating fingerprint lock, code lock and card lock. The representative brands are Samsung, contemporary, ketman, etc. The Korean lock entered the market early, accumulated a large number of customers in the later stage, had many years of mutual aid sales partners, and occupied a large market share with the help of the fame of its parent brand. The product surface of the Korean lock is absolutely rich, mainly made of plastic, and the sliding cover layout is in the majority

in terms of skills, the Korean lock is very dependent on the motor. The planned manufacturing process of the lock body machine department is relatively thin. Throughout the lock market, with the gradual degradation of skills, high-end locks such as fingerprint locks with more high-tech content are shining. The shortcomings of electronic lock talent are becoming increasingly obvious, which has become an excessive product of the upgrading of the lock industry. This growth trend will cause a big blow to the Korean lock, which is mainly electronic lock

German locks

are well known. The construction industry has the highest recognition of German brands, and this recognition has been gradually extended from the construction industry to its related areas such as air conditioning, sanitary ware and locks. The hardware technology, scientific and technological strength of German products and their insidious requests to deal with the character of products make it enjoy a high reputation in the world

taking a comprehensive view of China's lock industry, the German fingerprint lock belongs to the revival force. The product surface inherits the simple plan of Germany's post Bauhaus style, takes the German firm skills and good production as the greatest advantage, and the representative brand is dessman (China). A few years ago, the method of fingerprint consumption was popular in Germany. Through further development and Application on the skill side, Germany's manipulation of fingerprint identification skills was quite mature

in the lock market, German locks are dedicated to the development and application of high-end intelligent locks. In terms of skills, this kind of product is a comprehensive product integrating electronics, machinery, software, optics and biometrics, which has been expanded by Chinese plastic machinery enterprises in recent years to open up emerging markets for extruders. The highly applicable man-machine dialogue interface is the biggest feature of the German lock represented by dessman (China). The user can quickly understand the product utilization methods and other information by installing the man-machine dialogue interface with a large LCD screen

in addition, the real name skill management system owned by dessman is also beyond the reach of any other lock manufacturers. It can achieve: each fingerprint can output the name; Each fingerprint lock can grow and delete together; The owner knows every time he opens the door. In addition, dessman's lock can provide four opening methods: fingerprint, secret code, fingerprint secret code compound and machine key, which are set for the different survival and education settings of users, making the opening method widely practical. In addition, the German almost mean manufacturing process makes the tranquility of the German lock completely meet the anti-theft and fire prevention standards of China. If we say that the German lock is excellent in terms of skills and application, the German lock has an unparalleled advantage in terms of product after-sales services. Take dessman as an example. Dessman (China) is the only foreign-funded fingerprint lock manufacturer in China that has been put into production in China. It was put into production in China by German enterprises. It has launched the localization of its products in accordance with China's national conditions. Different from the assembly product production method of other factions, all the key focus components of dessman are developed and manufactured by themselves indoors in China, which can be regarded as the best time to speed up the pace of layout by the international material giants. According to the detailed needs of developers, desmann has set out from the perspectives of science and technology, animal nature, cost performance, capital turnover and so on to develop a customized product information resolution plan. Dessman (China) has a 60 minute door-to-door service collection in each major focus, and has a perfect product after-sales service system

Lingnan locks

China's Lingnan region has always been known as the lock capital of China. This region meets 40% - 50% of China's machine lock manufacturers. The representatives of Lingnan locks are mainly adier, Digil, Hebes, probak and other brands. Most of the Lingnan series lock manufacturers show that their products are highly imitated from the Korean series lock in terms of both surface and efficacy. Lingnan series lock brands are numerous, but most of them exist in the state of small-scale workshop assembly workshop. They have no self-research and development ability at all. The new products are updated slowly and have little market influence

taking fingerprint lock as an example, it is known that a few Lingnan lock enterprises are actually assembly workshops. The manufacturers will purchase the key components of fingerprint lock, such as fingerprint head and lock body, which require operators to carefully dust the equipment, clean the LCD screen, etc. in batches, and finally realize the assembly in the factory. It is precisely this form of assembly that causes Lingnan lock enterprises to attach themselves to lock parts dealers, and at the same time causes enterprises to have no choice but to master the ultimate character of products. In addition, fingerprint lock is a very refined and expensive product, such as the disturbance of internal conditions such as human static electricity, which has a great impact on the electronic components in the lock. This makes it more difficult for small enterprises to master product quality

according to the senior personage in the industry, the growth of the lock market is in an era of transition, and the fingerprint lock has gradually become a tributary of the market with its characteristics of "high technology, high tranquility and high animality". The product profit and market prospect of high-end fingerprint lock are very considerable. Lock enterprises of different factions must unilaterally promote themselves from the aspects of R & D, planning, service system and brand civilization, so as to take the lead in the increasingly fierce competition and open up a broader market

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