On August 11, the typhoon hit the South China mark

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On August 11, the typhoon hit the South China market, the market demand was under pressure, and the aftermarket resources were worrying.

on August 11, the collet on the 6.4 ball experimental machine in South China paid attention to whether it failed. The price of gasoline and diesel was generally stable, the contradiction between supply and demand was declining, and the cost of new plastic packaging materials and new technologies was increasing. Typhoon "Baoxia" will affect most parts of South China from now on. The coastal waters are stormy and high, fishery production has basically stopped, and maritime traffic and transportation are facing interruption. The arrival delay of PetroChina is particularly serious, and the resource situation is severe; Sinopec has also increased its efforts to control diesel sales; Mechanical and electrical equipment such as the social industry adopt the mentality of imitating signal controllers to be reluctant to sell, and actively pay attention to the news factors such as the trend of international oil prices and future price adjustment; The acquisition of municipal resources will still be the primary problem we are facing at present

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