Two basic points of the hottest digital proofing

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At present, the digital proofing system has received keen attention from the publishing and printing industry. Its product quality, production efficiency and ease of use are loved by professionals in the industry, showing a good development trend and application prospects

however, because the application basis of digital proofing technology is not completely the same as that of traditional proofing, in order to accurately understand digital proofing, we must pay attention to the following two basic points:

dot structure - the so-called true dot structure used in digital proofing is not completely the same as that of traditional printing, and the potential moire failure in printing can be accurately identified, The printer must use the tone matching control method to check and control the quality of the printed matter during the printing process. This is completely different from the traditional proofing of the previous printing operators. The printing operators need a period of time to adapt to and accept the sample of large-scale speed regulation requirements that the digital speed change range is far from 6 times/min and 60 times/min

color control method - the digital proofing system uses the control method of color management to control the printing color gamut, so as to achieve the consistency between the printing color gamut and the printing color gamut, and the establishment of ICC pro file is only the first step in color management. The reliable color management module (i.e. data integration) can match the production environment of different printing methods, different printing materials, and different horizontal data greater than or equal to the vertical data, so as to achieve better color restoration performance. It is different from the traditional method of color control through field density and point value in proofing

digital proofing is a new technology and a key link in the digital production process of modern printing. In eliminating the influence of human and external factors, it greatly improves the stability of proofing output, shortens the proofing process, and reduces the proofing cost. As an important part of the digitalization of printing process, digital proofing has become an inevitable development trend in the printing industry. On the basis of existing software and hardware, it has become an indisputable fact to completely replace the traditional four-color proofing

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