On August 20, some domestic carbon black n660 manu

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August 20 factory quotation of some domestic carbon black n660 production enterprises

Business News Agency, August 21

factory quotation of enterprise name

Shanxi Zhixin chemical 7200

Shanxi Boqiang 7200

Zaozhuang Cabot 8000

Panzhihua forward carbon black 7200

Shanxi Huaqing industry 7500

Haolun agricultural technology 7400

Fushun Daliu Changqing 7200

Yunnan Qujing 8000

Jiangxi black cat 8300

Shanghai Shizuishan 7500

Shandong ona 7700

Shanxi Evergrande 7200

mountain has been widely used in aerospace, aviation and payload processes. The load capacity is about 550000 pounds under physiological conditions. The military, naval ships and other high-tech and military fields, the Western expeditionary 7000

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