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Diaobingshan financial control intelligent lighting schematic diagram

Diaobingshan financial control intelligent lighting schematic diagram | trustworthy

the main power supply of fire-fighting systems such as automatic fire alarm system is fire-fighting power supply, and the type selection requirements of power supply lines are higher than the power supply and distribution lines of other systems, and the functional characteristics of fire-fighting system determine that many fire-fighting equipment are in the servo working state of "war preparation" at ordinary times, Therefore, it is not necessary to set up residual current monitoring devices. The operation of automatic fire alarm system is a long-term process, and there may be no fire for decades. If overload protection is not set, the lines and equipment will be overloaded for a long time without being found, which will seriously affect the operation of lines and equipment, aggravate the aging of lines, and have hidden dangers

Diaobingshan financial control intelligent lighting schematic | trustworthy

before the product of fire inspection cabinet appeared, the maintenance of fire pump was all carried out manually. Each fire pump should be carefully checked, including opening the fire pump and checking the integrity of internal components. Therefore, the manual inspection method of the fire pump is very time-consuming and laborious, and some working conditions are relatively complex, which is not convenient for maintenance

organize and implement fire prevention inspection and fire hazard rectification; The fire control manager shall regularly report the situation of fire control to the firefighters and timely report major issues related to fire control. For units that have not determined a fire control manager, the fire control management specified in the preceding paragraph shall be implemented by the fire control manager of the unit

Diaobingshan financial intelligent lighting schematic | trustworthy, state organ office building, power dispatching building, telecommunications building, postal building, disaster prevention command and dispatching building, radio and television building, archives building; Items and 2 of this article stipulate that other public buildings with a single building area of more than 40000 square meters or a building height of more than 50 meters, except for the lack of industrialization integration mechanism; Urban rail transit, tunnel engineering, large-scale power generation, transformation and distribution projects

the emergency evacuation consists of low-level fire emergency evacuation lighting, evacuation instructions, and other signs. It adopts the current international servo electromechanical professional control chip and multi-channel data collection and processing module identification function system, which provides a clear direction and way for personnel evacuation in an emergency. It is generally installed in the public walkways and vertical stairs of crowded large public places such as shopping malls and cinemas, Usually located on the ground or 1m below the ground, the emergency working time of this emergency lighting shall not be less than 90min, and the surface brightness of the main sign interface of the sign lamp shall not be less than 15cd/m2

during patrol inspection, the driving power of the fire pump is very small, about 1% of the rated power of the pump motor, so energy saving is significant. During the whole inspection process, if the equipment receives the fire command, the intelligent inspection will immediately issue the instruction to stop the inspection, and instantly start the fire pump to complete the fire task. Only when the next patrol inspection cycle and no fire incident occurs, a new patrol inspection operation process can be started. During patrol inspection, if the water pump fails, it will give fault alarm information. When the sensor should be in the off load state, the input overvoltage, undervoltage, phase loss, output overcurrent and short circuit will send an alarm message to the fire center. The results of this automatic inspection can ensure that the fire pump will not rust "and rust to death, making the fire water supply equipment" a thousand days of military training and a time of military use "a reality.

Qiqihar professional fire power distribution supplier, the fire inspection cabinet is used to inspect the fire pump. The fire pump is an emergency equipment, which is idle for a long time, and needs regular inspection. The fire pump can be described as" a thousand days of military training and a time of military use " The maintenance work is very important for the fire pump. It is quite difficult to inspect the fire pump manually. The automatic inspection method is adopted in the fire inspection cabinet, which greatly improves the work efficiency

Fushun Guanming battery wholesale, the fire equipment power supply monitoring system has the characteristics of reliability, real-time, digitalization, intelligence, networking, automation and continuous monitoring. It reflects the power supply status of the monitored equipment in real time and displays it intensively, so as to effectively avoid the critical situation of the fire equipment working impermanently due to power failure in the event of fire, and to ensure the reliability of the fire linkage system to a great extent

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