Schneider hit hard at the hottest industry event

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In June, the 11th international modern factory/process automation technology and equipment exhibition opened at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. With the widespread use of computer technology, Neder electric came on stage with its products and solutions. Its striking booth design, high-quality products and systematic solutions have become a highlight of the exhibition, and won many visitors' attention

the development history of battery extrusion testing machine on Schneider booth, you can see a wide range of product displays, including HMI human-machine interface products, motion control, safety system, cabinet system, frequency conversion and soft starter, etc. the human-machine interface product magelis compact industrial computer has attracted the attention of many professional audiences with its exquisite, flexible and excellent performance. Magelis xbt-g touch screen - in order to adapt to the changing needs of enterprises, xbtg terminal provides rich advanced functions, faster management of hydraulic oil, higher reliability, and can process a large amount of data. It is mainly used in textile machinery, central air conditioning and other machinery manufacturing companies, as well as hydropower, water conservancy and other projects. Atv11 smart frequency converter is flexible, exquisite according to different wear positions, with prominent efficiency. With a new design concept, smart products are developed, which are mainly used in textile machinery, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, conveyors, etc

Schneider's business features enable it to provide customers with solutions to meet environmental challenges. Schneider Electric operates in 130 countries around the world and is committed to serving its employees, customers, suppliers and society. Development is the driving force for the group to move forward and the source of cohesion for the group's actions and decisions

Schneider has been pursuing "innovation, quality and efficiency" and actively seeking cooperation and mergers and acquisitions to expand product categories. In this way, Schneider makes it safer and more convenient for users to use electricity. At the same time, through more and more effective series of solutions, Schneider can meet market demand, provide customized services and create more value. No matter when and where, we will dedicate the most perfect new electrical world to mankind

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