Scheme of cable leakage alarm system in Zhejiang P

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Zhejiang leakage cable alarm system scheme

Zhejiang leakage cable alarm system scheme

Chengdu Junrong Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. is a new enterprise dedicated to intelligent security alarm system, which is composed of R & D, production, technology, market and after-sales service departments. Chengdu Junrong electronic solution: ensure the processing quality of hydraulic components of universal laboratory machine. The Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in R & D and production, Sales: pulse electronic fence, tension electronic fence, electrostatic induction alarm system, tcp/ip, RS485 bus alarm host, network alarm host, gprs/tcp alarm host, perimeter infrared alarm system, infrared radiation, infrared grating, infrared detector, intrusion detector and other security products

this increases the price of other accessories of single-mode optical fiber network system, and the price of single-mode optical transmitter is much more expensive than that of multi-mode. When using a single-mode connector for termination, pay attention to accurate docking, otherwise a high insertion loss will occur, reducing the optical fiber transmission according to the time and energy of the stopwatch. Multimode energy is mainly used to meet the transmission of short distance off network. In fact, multimode fiber can support vertical subsystem cabling within 550 meters of 10 Gigabit Ethernet and short-distance building cluster subsystem cabling, as well as data center cabling within 150 meters of 40g/100g network. Moreover, the photoelectric conversion components of multimode fiber system are cheaper than single-mode, and the field installation and termination are simpler

perimeter guard alarm system, also known as perimeter anti-theft alarm system, is generally composed of alarm host, front-end detector that can be used for 10 years, intermediate transmission part, etc. After the perimeter protection alarm system is installed in the fixed area that needs to be protected, when someone attempts to cross the boundary around the protected area, the detection device on the boundary will send an alarm signal after detecting it, and send the signal to the alarm linkage part through the transmission part to prompt relevant personnel to deal with it. As the first line of defense of the security system, perimeter security plays a very important role. It has developed from single alarm reconfirmation to deterrence and blocking plus alarm

looking forward to the future, facing the surging tide of global informatization. Chengdu Junrong Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. will adhere to the business philosophy of "integrity and win-win, realism and innovation, and create brilliance" to develop and make progress with you. By providing customers with high-quality products, application solutions and technical services, Chengdu Junrong Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. will raise its sails and add brilliance to the grand blueprint of fighting the new century

the intelligent security alarm system needs to adopt intelligent network special protocol transmission and bus communication. With the most concise system architecture, it is convenient for design, construction, use, management and maintenance. The alarm control host has multiple zone models to choose from, which is enough to meet the anti-theft alarm needs of families, commercial points, buildings, residential areas and other places. Alarm is easy to connect. The alarm control host can alarm through connection. It is more convenient to use network alarm to the security center without laying another line. Using bus wiring can greatly reduce the system cost. The security center monitors various system states in real time through the monitoring and management software, which can control the alarm system in both directions, and can also connect with the alarm center and automatically alarm, forming a multi-level alarm system

1. Inherent defect infrared is an important detection medium for infrared products, and it is a light source with congenital defects. The energy of this light source is not concentrated, and it is very easy to diffuse. In addition, it is vulnerable to weather interference in natural weather such as rain, fog and strong light, and its penetration is weakened, which greatly affects the operation of the product. In addition, in an ideal environment, with the increase of the emission distance, the beam will also decay inversely with the emission distance. Using such unstable infrared as the detection medium, even if the trigger time, alarm trigger conditions and other factors are continuously improved, it is a palliative method

compared with infrared radiation, it has the following advantages: · it belongs to physical protection. After the installation of pulse electronic fence, it is equivalent to increasing the height of the fence by cm, forming a shaped protective wall, which can hinder the invasion behavior; Infrared radiation belongs to invisible light, which has no blocking effect on invasion· Deterrence: there is a high voltage of 5000v on the alloy line of the pulse electronic fence, which will form a psychological deterrence effect on the intruders, which can reduce the probability of intrusion; Infrared radiation does not have this function· Low false alarm rate, pulse electronic fence is less affected by weather; However, shooting in rainy days, foggy days, sandstorms and other bad weather will lead to an increase in the false alarm rate· Anti damage function, with detection circuit short circuit and open circuit alarm, which improves the reliability of the system; The anti-destructive performance of the missile is relatively poor. A pulse electronic fence is improved on the original advantages and features, and has the following characteristics: · four wire and six wire compatibility, meeting the needs of ordinary users· The shell is designed with waterproof tank, so there is no need to add waterproof box, which saves the equipment cost· The protection is transferred from indoor to outdoor, which makes the alarm and warning in advance, and makes the indoor activities of users more convenient and free

Zhejiang leakage cable alarm system scheme

with advanced products, leading technology and high-quality service, we will build a professional manufacturer of domestic security alarm products

2. Simplify the status query. Although the traditional electronic fence host is equipped with automatic alarm and other functions for host failure, offline main/standby power supply, etc., it can only realize the local equipment status feedback. If you need to query multiple hosts, keyboards and other devices uniformly, you often need to arrange personnel to go to the scene to check, and it is even more difficult to realize remote query. Using network technology can solve this problem well, and realize the simplification of maintenance and inspection. 3. Real time control and timely response

How are the electronic fence defense areas distributed? 1. The design of electronic fence is based on different security levels, with appropriate electronic fence that can meet the requirements. Generally, the security level is divided into three levels: (1) deterrence - a defense area is set around the whole perimeter, such as the 4-wire system installed on the top of the wall. It has the function of blocking alarm and deterrence. (2) Medium safety level. The length of each defense zone shall not be greater than 300 meters, and those greater than 300 meters shall be divided into multiple defense zones. (3) High safety level. The length of each defense zone is set between 100 meters, and the whole fence is divided into multiple defense zones. Each zone has its own trigger alarm, which can indicate the zone where the alarm is located. The alarm output is usually linked with CCTV, infrared radiation, spotlight, alarm and other security systems. In actual use, the length of each defense area should be set according to the length, terrain and economic needs

special electronic fence control keyboard group: a special electronic fence control keyboard is set in the monitoring center. One end of the alarm signal line is connected to the RS485 terminal of the electronic fence control keyboard, and the other end of the alarm signal line is connected to the RS485 port in each electronic fence host in turn by hand (if there is infrared radiation around, a single defense area address module should be added to the infrared radiation equipment). The electronic fence control keyboard can remotely control the electronic fence at the front end in the central control room, that is, the electronic fence host can be disarmed and deployed through the electronic fence control keyboard, and the high/low pressure (e.g. low pressure during the day and high pressure at night) working mode can be adjusted for the electronic fence main extrusion and calendering parts accounting for about 10% respectively. It can also display the alarm category (i.e. disconnection, short circuit or anti disassembly), as well as alarm recovery, password setting and other functions

the company adheres to the motto "reputation, professionalism, service" at the beginning of its establishment, and constantly improves itself. Pay attention to the cultivation of enterprise talents. We have made obvious achievements in expanding the types of enterprise agency brand equipment, standardizing the design and construction of system engineering, and creating exemplary projects. In addition to its own development, with the virtue of "being a man before doing things", it has not only won the trust of many peers and users, but also made the company's performance booming

first of all, we should pay attention to hot-dip galvanized plastic coating materials, stainless steel materials, and of course, glass fiber materials. Now electronic fences have been widely used in many cities. What kind of products and materials can make the life of security products longer? Here are some simple explanations for you. The first is the hot-dip galvanized plastic coating material: many times when we use hot-dip galvanized pipes, most of them are more than 32mm outside the pipe, and its wall thickness will also reach more than 2.0mm. This material is relatively corrosion-resistant, solid, and more beautiful after plastic coating

installation points 1) the fence line should be fixed in sections, and it is recommended to divide the same straight line or the same defense area into one section. Lines not on the same straight line shall be installed in several times. 2) Unfolding and setting out alloy wire: use a paying off frame or an appropriate way to set out, and do not put it arbitrarily, so as to avoid knotting and unevenness. Four can be spread at the same time, but be careful not to cross. 3) Wire tightening: fix one end of the alloy wire on the terminal rod insulator at one end with wire connector (or self winding), then put four alloy wires into the slot of the intermediate rod insulator or the intermediate rod insulator correspondingly, and finally thread them into the wire tightener, tighten the alloy wire with force, and fix it on the terminal rod insulator at the other end with wire connector (or self winding). Then adjust the thread tightener so that the four lines are tightened at the same time and parallel to each other. Parallel lines should be tightened at the same time

Zhejiang leakage cable alarm system scheme

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