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Scarlett group, which produces polymer composites, will raise shares today

Scarlett group, which mainly produces high-strength polyester fiber polymer composites and other reinforced composites, will raise shares today. Although Hong Kong stocks have fallen repeatedly recently, which has shaken the confidence of investors, Lin Shengxiong, chairman and executive director of Scarlett group, believes that early entry into the capital market with the company's technology can consolidate its financial strength, which is more conducive to maintaining its leading position in the industry, so he is full of confidence in the future

the increase in R & D expenses led to a decrease in gross profit margin

according to the prospectus, the overall gross profit margin of Scarlett in the first eight months of 2009 decreased from 43.8% in the same period last year to 42.8%, among which the strengthening materials decreased from 49.7% to 43.2%; The gross profit margin of middle-end products also decreased from 91.5% to 73.9%. Zhang Hongwang, general manager and executive director of Scarlett group, explained that the decline in gross profit margin was mainly caused by the company's strategic adjustment of product portfolio and the increase in investment in the development of new products, but he believed that with the continued development of high gross profit products in the future, the current gross profit margin level could be maintained

in addition, the prices of the company's three main raw materials, polymers, additives and fabrics, are affected by fluctuations in the prices of crude oil and coal. When asked whether the Department of research and development of public materials to strengthen the competitiveness of HP plastics industry has made corresponding hedging activities due to the large fluctuations in commodity prices in recent years, Lin Shengxiong said that the raw materials used by the company were purchased from large petrochemical plants in the mainland. Because the supply of relevant raw materials was in excess of demand in the past, the price was relatively stable, and the company did not carry out hedging activities

Scarlett will issue 200million new shares, with the bidding price ranging from 2.69 to 4.13 yuan, and raise 538 to 826 million yuan. Based on 1000 shares per hand, the energy units T, kg, N, kn, G, LB, and the admission fee is about 4171.7 yuan; Listed on February 9

International Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. received shares from Xingzhou GIC

International Coal Machinery Co., Ltd. (1683) held an investor promotion meeting yesterday. It is said that the city plans to issue 520million new shares, 90% of which are international placements and 10% are public offerings. The bidding price ranges from 4.88 yuan to 6.38 yuan, and the maximum capital raised is 3.32 billion yuan. As of December 31, 2009, the company predicts that the annual net profit will not be less than 226.9 million yuan. According to the news, international coal machinery will be offered from January 29 to February 3, and listed on February 10, with UBS as the sponsor. According to market news, the international coal machinery IPO did not introduce basic investors, but the Singapore Government Investment Corporation (GIC) intends to spend tens of millions of dollars to "fly in" to subscribe

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