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The schedule for the construction of the Expo Park is scheduled to complete the commissioning of mechanical and electrical equipment within the year. Yesterday (21st) afternoon, Shanghai Construction Engineering Group held an oath conference of "fighting for 100 days to build a World Expo boutique project" at the construction site of the Expo Center with high mechanical strength. As the main force in the construction of Shanghai Expo Park, Shanghai Construction Engineering Group has undertaken nearly 80% of the projects in the Expo Park represented by the permanent venues of "one axis and four Pavilions" and the Expo Village, Expo Park, Houtan Park, etc

after nearly 20000 builders' continuous struggle for more than two years, Shanghai Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. has set a number of new records in the world construction industry -

in the construction of the Expo Axis Project, it has overcome the world-class problems of the construction of large-scale unique shell structure Sunshine Valley and large-area cable membrane structure

in the construction of the theme pavilion project, a rectangular super large-span columnless space equivalent to three standard football fields was constructed

a total of 80000 tons of steel structure hoisting has been completed in more than a year, which is equivalent to the mixing of collagen, chitosan and medical PVA solution. 5. After the experiment is stopped without breaking, no chemical crosslinking agent is added, and the biological properties of the special glycans of the collagen and chitosan fatigue pulse tester equipment are not changed. Through simple physical crosslinking, an elastic loaded gel column is formed, and then holes are made, cleaned, air dried After demoulding, the translucent artificial lacrimal canaliculus is made into the steel structure weight of the "bird's nest" of the two main venues of the Beijing Olympic Games

at present, six projects including B1 Apartment Hotel in Expo Village have been completed and delivered; The structural construction of the main venues has been completed, and the construction stage of electromechanical equipment installation and commissioning and fine decoration has entered; China Pavilion and theme pavilion have been partially delivered for exhibition; Expo Park and Houtan park have been basically completed; A number of roads and supporting projects are also under construction as planned

yesterday's swearing in ceremony also revealed that the construction of the Expo Park, which has entered the countdown, has been scheduled in detail. The single machine commissioning and system connection of all equipment in Pudong Park and Puxi park will be completed by late September and mid October, respectively. By the end of September, the "one axis and four Pavilions" of Pudong Park Expo Axis, China Pavilion, Expo Center, Theme Pavilion, performance center and Puxi Park civilization Pavilion, museum The cold supply and system commissioning of the three pavilions of the variety hall will be completed in early November, except for the performance center and the northern project of the best practice area, and the linkage commissioning of the main venues in Pudong Puxi will be completed within the year

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