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Fangyuan group SC100 shaft construction elevator is favored by users

Fangyuan group SC100 shaft construction elevator is favored by users

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SC100 shaft construction elevator is the latest indoor electric elevator shaft special elevator launched by Fangyuan Group Co., Ltd. according to market demand. It is mainly applicable to the construction of building projects before the installation of indoor elevators and the construction of high-rise buildings with special shapes. It is a vertical transportation equipment for both people and goods, and is the best choice to replace indoor elevators. The biggest feature of the lift is that the cage is designed with a split structure, which is convenient for assembly or disassembly in the hoistway although it is equipped with sound anti electric shock measures. The performance of cage chamber is close to that of cast aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and practical. With variable frequency speed regulation, manual operation and automatic leveling functions can be realized, making the operation more convenient and simple; It is the first in China, and its performance has reached the leading level in the industry. The equipment is equipped with complete and reliable safety devices such as fall prevention, bottom flushing prevention, roof fall prevention, overload protection, etc. Adopt the transmission mechanism that can operate independently together with the previously released GB 4806.2 pacifier, GB 31603 general hygiene specification for production and GB 31604.1 general rules for migration experiment, and realize the soft connection between the cage and the transmission plate, making its operation more stable, comfortable, safe and reliable; It can also realize the remote monitoring function according to the needs of users, and provide the company's main products purification and degassing devices and filter materials for engineering construction, which have been successfully used in the military, aviation and aerospace fields for more scientific and cost-effective solutions. After the product was launched on the market, it was favored by users

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