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Lead safety technology Scania to create new smart heavy truck

lead safety technology Scania to create new smart heavy truck

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Sweden is one of the countries with the lowest death rate of traffic safety accidents in the world. In 2013, 264 people died in road traffic accidents in Sweden, with an average of only 6 deaths per 100000 motor vehicles, a record low. As a representative brand of Swedish commercial vehicles, Scania, the "king of roads", has advanced concepts and vehicle safety technology in traffic safety, which is a powerful guarantee to help Sweden realize its "zero casualty vision"

lead safety technology Scania to build intelligent heavy truck

advance emergency braking system

Scania advance emergency braking system (AEB) can monitor and test the value through long-distance radar and forward-looking camera, and the value cannot truly reflect the use state to test the road condition in front of the truck. When the vehicle encounters a collision risk, the advance emergency braking system will send an alarm through an audible signal to remind the driver to pay attention to the road condition. If the distance is too close, The driver still hasn't taken any measures, and Scania's early emergency braking system will automatically help the driver to make emergency braking, so as to avoid collision accidents

lane keeping system

based on years of experience, fatigue driving is a major cause of traffic accidents, especially in the process of long-distance transportation, drivers are tired due to long-term driving, which reduces their attention and cannot operate the steering wheel correctly. Scania lane keeping assistance function can actively help drivers keep safe driving in the same lane, prevent vehicles from deviating from the lane, help drivers avoid a lot of repetitive actions, and alleviate driving fatigue

converting waste plastics into 3D printing materials is beneficial to reducing energy consumption. The side assistance system can monitor the driving conditions of vehicles on both sides of the vehicle and behind the vehicle through the sensor device, and feed back the position of vehicles around the driver, so as to help the driver 360 ° grasp the overall road conditions without dead corners, making lane changing simpler and safer, So as to effectively reduce traffic accidents caused by distraction when changing lanes

cab safety

lead safety technology Scania to build smart heavy truck

Scania cab design strictly complies with the world's most stringent Swedish cab crash test standards. After the same cab is impacted by 1 ton pendulum at the front and rear and 15 tons static pressure at the top, the door can still be opened and the cab basically remains unchanged. In addition to the solid cab measurement system and the automatic zeroing of expert intelligent experimental software under the all Chinese Windows platform, Scania cab skylight can provide more escape opportunities for drivers in case of safety accidents

queue driving

queue driving is a vehicle train combination without physical connection realized by the vehicle through the interconnection system and the adaptive cruise system. When the truck joins the driving queue, the adaptive cruise system will automatically adjust the distance between the front and rear vehicles, follow the vehicle in front, and realize automatic driving. Driving in a queue can significantly reduce air resistance and improve fuel economy. Except for the first vehicle, the fuel economy of each vehicle running in the queue can be improved by%. In addition, queue driving can also reduce road occupancy, improve transportation efficiency, and ensure the safe driving of the queue with the increasingly mature vehicle safety technology system

Xu Tao, strategy director of Scania China Strategy Center, said: "According to the time point, traffic accidents can be divided into three stages: pre collision, collision and post collision. Scania's outstanding vehicle safety technology can maximize the truck to avoid accidents before the collision, reduce casualties in the collision, and provide escape opportunities for drivers after the collision.

truck drivers are a profession worthy of social respect. Now people can quickly collect goods without leaving home through e-commerce shopping, mainly based on It's the truck driver that counts. "2014 Scania truck driver competition" will continue to pay attention to truck drivers and provide a platform for drivers to show their professional style. On June 15, the first stop of this driver competition has kicked off in Shenzhen Dachan Bay logistics park. Let's wait and see who will become the 'King of roads' in 2014. "

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