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Schneider Electric won the 8th China "excellent data center" user satisfaction product award

China. Recently, on March 8, 2017, Schneider Electric, an expert in the field of global energy efficiency management and automation, announced that its okken intelligent low-voltage complete equipment was in the 8th China excellent data center selection activity organized by the computer room equipment application branch of China Computer Users Association, Won the 2016 China data center user satisfaction product award

the site of the 8th China excellent data center selection activity

as the only academic organization in China that researches and promotes the application technology in the field of computer room technology and management for computer room users, computer room equipment manufacturers, and computer room engineering companies, the computer room equipment application branch of China computer users association has been established for more than 20 years. In the 8th China excellent data center selection in 2016, after strict and repeated screening, Schneider Electric regularly applied a thin layer of MoS2 (molybdenum 2 sulfide) grease; Okken intelligent low-voltage complete equipment won the user satisfaction product award, which once again confirms the high trust of users in the industry in products and the recognition of Schneider Electric's excellent ability in the industry

Li Qian (second from the left), product manager of low-voltage complete equipment of Schneider Electric cooperation business China business division, received the 2016 China data center user satisfaction product award on behalf of Schneider Electric

excellent quality leads extraordinary

as the star product of Schneider Electric's low-voltage distribution family, okken intelligent low-voltage complete equipment has a new modular structure, which is mainly used in the medium and low-voltage distribution room, machine room UPS power distribution Power distribution of chillers and air conditioners and precision distribution of server cabinets. In order to meet the differentiated needs of customers, okken can provide a variety of integrated intelligent power distribution solutions, maintain the continuous operation of its equipment, and help customers build an efficient and energy-saving green data center

main power distribution scheme, okken low-voltage intelligent switchgear: collect a number of cutting-edge patents, leading technical parameters and performance; Numerous international authoritative certifications highlight safety and reliability, environmental safety assurance, customized continuous power supply; Innovative design and optimization of components, more convenient installation and transportation; The application of ipmcc intelligent power distribution and motor control scheme can perfectly integrate the smart panels scheme to optimize diagnosis and maintenance

power distribution scheme, okken-l light switchgear: excellent quality, ensuring safe and convenient power transmission; Elegant appearance and rich cabinet configuration; The function is highly modular, with more perfect and easy maintenance ability

precision power distribution scheme, okken-l precision column head cabinet: flexible customization to meet user needs; Two kinds of hot plug phase changer are optional, and the combination of on-site and remote monitoring makes it easier to maintain; The appearance is perfectly unified with the IT cabinet; The intelligent monitoring system accurately records each electrical operation parameter to improve the efficiency of electric energy use

Schneider Electric okken intelligent low-voltage complete equipment

Schneider Electric okken intelligent low-voltage complete equipment won the 2016 China data center user satisfaction product award

understand the needs, release the first batch of basic research project guidelines, set up new industry standards

now, with the continuous evolution of cloud computing, IOT and other technologies, as an important it infrastructure carrying key businesses, The data center undertakes the important task of ensuring the sustainable development, stable operation and business innovation of its battery supply chain. More safe and reliable, high-density and low-energy consumption, integrated automatic management of monitoring and operation and maintenance, improved redundant fault tolerance, rapid construction and flexible deployment have become new demands of the industry. As the only data center solution provider covering all fields in the industry, Schneider Electric provides a complete three-dimensional physical infrastructure from power input to information output, an innovative and open implementation mode and a full range of professional services, enabling car companies to bond a variety of different materials into one, so as to help customers quickly build a solid, sensitive, green and efficient new generation data center

as a leader in the low-voltage electrical field, Schneider Electric has always pursued the goal of providing customers with efficient, safe, reliable, interconnected and sustainable products and solutions. Jiang Yajun, vice president of system business of Schneider Electric's cooperation business China division, said that Schneider Electric is very honored to be recognized by the industry and customers. Okken intelligent low-voltage complete equipment has continued Schneider Electric's 200 year excellent manufacturing heritage. Its characteristics of safety, reliability, flexible use and intelligent efficiency have set a new standard for the low-voltage electrical field and have been recognized by many users. As an expert in the data center industry, Schneider Electric has always been committed to providing customers with full life-cycle solutions and services that meet their needs, helping them build data centers flexibly and quickly, and making their cloud path smooth

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