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When it comes to French style, many people may flash French romance and mystery in their minds at the first time. It is not difficult to find that this artistic style is more and more popular with modern people. So what is French style? What are the characteristics of French style decoration? Next, the editor cited several different types of French style decoration renderings. Friends who like this style come to enjoy it

French Style:

the so-called French style is actually an artistic style from France. This decoration style pursues color and internal connection. Even a small family can make people seem to live in a large space. At the same time, it often does not pay attention to simple coordination, but advocates the beauty of conflict, especially in the use of furniture, color, space lines

characteristics of French style decoration:

1. Romantic atmosphere

if French style, French style decoration can always bring us a strong romantic atmosphere, whether it is color matching or furniture integration, which reflects its unique romantic and warm atmosphere

2. Structural layout

in the French style decoration, we can see that the structure and layout of the whole house clearly emphasize the symmetry of the axis, which reflects the magnificent momentum, making the whole room have a strong luxurious temperament

3. Exquisite craftsmanship

French style decoration pursues perfect, exquisite and gorgeous craftsmanship and fabric art. The living room and bedroom are generally equipped with crystal lights, rich fabric curtains, etc

4. Furniture selection

French decoration style is very particular about the choice of furniture. Luxury French decoration must be matched with matching French palace luxury furniture. If it is a leisure French decoration style, it needs to be matched with French leisure furniture, which is very significant in many French style decoration





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