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As a leading enterprise in the domestic home customization industry, leyijia has won many honors such as "the most popular brand among consumers". It is a brand that effectively implements green environmental protection

environmental protection is an issue that cannot be ignored in the household industry. Many brands are promoting their brands under the guise of environmental protection slogans, but few brands are truly green

as a leading enterprise in the domestic home customization industry, leyijia has won many honors such as "the most popular brand among consumers". It is a brand that implements green environmental protection

if an enterprise wants to improve the quality and environmental protection level of products, it is particularly important to reduce the formaldehyde content in materials and monitor the quality of raw materials; In contrast to the current situation of the home furnishing industry, most brands in the home furnishing industry have never done well in these two aspects. They pay more attention to promotion, advertising, promotion, sales and other means that can directly bring their own performance, and intentionally or unintentionally ignore the monitoring of technological innovation and raw materials. This makes most enterprises in the industry focus on marketing, which leads to the popularity of various vague concepts of "green environmental protection", which not only confuse consumers, but also lead to vicious competition in the industry. In the long run, once consumers see through the true face of these vague concepts and stop buying, it will be a very unfavorable thing for the home building materials industry

and leyka home does not just take environmental protection as a slogan, but puts it into action and makes efforts to specialize in it. Leyka household implements its environmental protection concept in every detail. It not only has its own strict standards for the choice of raw materials, but also monitors every production link after the raw materials are put into production. Therefore, it is not difficult to imagine that in "leyijia", it has now formed a linked green industry chain. This is the "green home environmental protection industry chain" with the highest standard, the most comprehensive system and the largest scale in the domestic building materials and home furnishing industry so far

what is more fortunate is that leyijia home has successfully developed a "smart microwave formaldehyde reduction device", which can irreversibly reduce the formaldehyde content in building materials at one time without causing secondary pollution. Leyijia, the world's first new technology, will create a new trend of green environmental protection in the building materials and home furnishing industry. It has set off an upsurge in the home furnishing industry, and also opened up a new direction for China's building materials home furnishing industry to comprehensively carry out low-carbon transformation and realize industrial upgrading

leyijia is an enterprise worthy of learning and respect in the building materials and home furnishing industry, which is environmentally friendly in ideology, at the source, in every detail, and as the most practical environmental protection brand of the Chinese nation. Leyijia's brand image of environmental protection, high quality, high cost performance and dedication to the people of the world has therefore become more popular, and has become an important factor for consumers to choose leyijia




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