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Linear guideway is also called linear guideway, linear guideway, linear guideway or linear guideway. It is often used for linear reciprocating motion in the machinery industry. In the process of home decoration, the role of linear guideway can not be underestimated. It is used to support and guide moving parts to make reciprocating linear motion in a given direction

among them, the most common case is to apply it to drawers. Drawers help us store some small things. I believe every family will have drawers, which are convenient and easy to use. Now let's take a look at the size of the linear slide and the model and specification of the linear slide

introduction to the size of linear slide rail

I. the size and specification of drawer slide rail

the slide rail of drawer is a guide rail with groove or curve, which is fixed on a certain track for the movement of other movable parts of the drawer

the dimensions of drawer slides are generally available on the market: 10 ", 12", 14 ", 16", 18 ", 20", 22 ", 24". You can install slides of different sizes according to the model and size of each drawer

the drawer guide rail is divided into small rail, three section rail, steel drawer, hidden drawer, forming drawer, etc. the high-end drawer guide rail system not only allows the cabinet space to be used as much as possible, but also takes care of the easy access of everything. The diversified partition component design in the drawer enables the East and west of the cabinet to be placed neatly, conveniently and orderly. The full stretch rail is selected to make the storage in the cabinet clear at a glance

II. How to install the drawer slide rail

next, we will introduce how to install the three section slide rail of the drawer

1. First fix and assemble the five boards of the drawer, screw in the screws, the drawer panel has a slot, and the place with two holes in the middle is for installing the handle

2. To install the drawer slide rail, first remove the rail, install the narrow one on the drawer side plate, and the wide one on the cabinet. When installing, the lower part of the slide rail is flat under the drawer side plate, and the front part is flat in front of the drawer side plate. We should distinguish between the front and the back

3. Install the cabinet. First screw in the white plastic hole on the side plate of the cabinet, and then install the wide rail removed from it. One slide rail is fixed with two small screws one before the other. Both sides of the cabinet should be installed and fixed

models and specifications of linear guideways

there are many brands of linear guideways. At present, the common brands of linear guideways in the market are:

Japan: THK, NSK, IKO, Misumi

Taiwan: AMT, Abba, HIWIN, CPC


South Korea: SBC

mainland: Nanjing technology, Hanjiang screw, Kate

and the linear guideways of various brands have different models, The common models of linear guide rails of various brands are:

THK linear guide rail models and specifications: HSR, SHS, RSR, HRW, SSR, SRS

NSK linear guide rail models and specifications: lh/ls/la/ly/lw/le/lu/ll

IKO linear guide rail models and specifications: lrx/lwe/lwh/lwl

AMT linear guide rail models and specifications: msa-e/le/s/ls, msb-e/te/s/ts

Abba linear guide rail.Model and specification: brh-a/al/b/bl Brs-b/BS

HIWIN linear guideway model and specification: hgw-ca/ha, hgh-ca/ha, egw-ca, egh-ca,

CPC linear guideway model and specification: mr-mn/ml, mr-wm/wl, ar-ms/mn/fs/fn, hr-mn/ml/fn/fl

SCHNEEBERGER linear guideway model and specification: mra/mrb/mrc/mrd/mre, bma/bmp/bmc/bmd/bme

sbc linear guide model and specification: sbg-fl/fll/sl/sll/fv/sv Sbs-sl/SLL/Fv/SV

model and specification of Nanjing process linear guide: ggb-aa/AAL/AB/ablggb-ba/BAL, ggc-ba/bak

model and specification of Hanjiang linear guide: da-aa/ab/ca/cb/aal/abl/cal/cbl

model and specification of Kate linear guide: lg-ea/fa, lg-aa/an/haa/han, lmw-aa, lgw-ea

summary: I will introduce you to the relevant information about linear slide.Here, I hope Xiaobian's efforts can help you, If there is anything else you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian below. We will answer it for you as soon as possible, and we will provide you with more complete, more detailed and updated information




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