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2010 Jinsheng second anniversary: happy laughter together Jinsheng

Jinsheng gives you a home: the grand prize winner

with the improvement of the quality of life and life taste, the CPI continues to break new highs, and the house price continues to be strong, there is a very pleasant thing you must be very interested in: can you decorate your new house into the shape of your dream without spending a penny? Or get your favorite brand decoration materials for free? Or decorate a home with the lowest cost and great care? This year marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of Jinbao and the third anniversary of the opening of Jinyin Lake Plaza of Jinsheng international home furnishing. As the most influential online media in the home furnishing industry in Wuhan - Wuhan home decoration network, and as the leading brand of home furnishing shopping malls in Wuhan - Jinsheng international home furnishing, strong forces are working together to launch a gluttonous home life feast - a series of celebration activities of big winners, which will cause a sensation in the river city and shake the three towns of Wuhan, Your wish may come true in this midsummer. Starting today, this website will continue to report the contents and details of the "big winner" series of celebrations. Wuhan citizens with decoration needs are invited to pay close attention to the subsequent relevant reports of this newspaper

review: the joy of 100000 yuan is still lingering today

Jinsheng international home furnishing has been stationed in Wuhan for three years, and its brand influence and market share are increasing day by day. While constantly improving the quality of products and service quality, the investment of real money in each event has won the reputation of "real promotion and profit making" in the industry

last year, on the 2nd anniversary of Jinsheng Jinyin Lake Plaza, the "send you a home" activity organized by Chutian Jinbao and Jinsheng has left Ms. Chen, who lives in evergreen garden, with endless memories. The decoration of that year was less than half. With the joy of decoration, Mr. Chen was lucky to win the grand prize of 100000 yuan, just allowing the rest of the decoration to be completed. Now the new house where the family lives has just turned one year old, and it also coincides with the 3rd anniversary of Jinsheng Jinyin Lake Plaza, The joy of 100000 yuan is still in the aftertaste of Ms. Chen's family today

Outlook: who will be the lucky one again

taking the opportunity of the third anniversary celebration of Jinsheng Jinyin Lake store, in order to thank netizens and consumers, Wuhan home decoration network and jinshengte jointly planned a series of celebration activities with the largest profit margin in the history of Wuhan home furnishing industry, upgrading "giving you a home" last year to "big winner", and the intensity and scope of activities have been greatly improved, Wuhan's home furnishing market will be boosted by making real profits, so that consumers can get tangible benefits

this activity lasts from August 27 to September 4. During this period, Jinsheng Jinyin Lake Plaza and Jinsheng Friendship Plaza will launch three activities in the winner's storm at the same time. From today on, lucky consumers of "big winners" will be openly solicited throughout the city. I hope you can "win" back to a decorated home

winner 1: offer a reward of 200000 decoration fund. Jinsheng will take out 200000 decoration funds from its own pocket for consumers who have won the big winner award to choose building materials and furniture at will in the mall. At the same time, it will also provide free design services for top home decoration designers

winner 2: ten thousand yuan award for top ten brands. Ten major building materials brands, such as jinyitao ceramic tiles, Langjing bathroom, fudeli floor, Tata wooden door, caizhou wallpaper, Rongsheng integrated ceiling, oupai cabinet, nuocheng customized wardrobe, Quanyou furniture, sikexin living room sofa, will be provided with 10000 yuan each for free to 10 families to choose the goods of this brand. Customers who shop in Jinsheng or netizens of Wuhan home decoration network will have the opportunity to win the grand prize of 10000 yuan by signing up

winner 3: 10 sets of 0-profit model houses. In order to celebrate the establishment of Wuhan home decoration alliance, during this event, Jinsheng will unite with 10 decoration companies, including Aohua decoration, Jiahe decoration, Yipin decoration, face-to-face decoration, Jiuding decoration, Meigui decoration, and hundreds of building materials and furniture brands to solicit 10 new houses to be decorated, design for free, and provide building materials and furniture with zero profit

when shopping in Jinsheng mall, citizens can easily find a standardized and satisfactory home decoration company to decorate their new houses. They can also buy brand building materials with high quality and low price, and enjoy a real 0-profit discount. Such a "one-stop" home improvement 0 profit will enable consumers to obtain the most relaxed, affordable and happy home improvement services

tomorrow, we will continue to introduce the "price winning" storm in this celebration series. Please pay attention to it

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