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The increasing popularity of art paint has led to uneven product quality in the paint market. Learn a few ways to distinguish, even if you are not an expert, you can also distinguish the quality of art paint

1. Look at the particle size

pour half a glass of water into a transparent glass, add a little artistic paint and stir evenly. If it is a high-quality artistic coating, the water in the cup will be clear to the bottom, the particles are relatively independent in the water, and the particle size is uniform; Poor art paint will make the water muddy, the particle size is uneven, and most of it is fluffy small particles

2. Look at the sales price

high quality art coatings are produced by regular manufacturers according to the formula, and the price is moderate; Inferior art coatings are produced by irregular manufacturers with low cost, or even by counterfeiting. The price is cheap, and the quality will not be guaranteed. Therefore, when purchasing, we should carefully compare the price and paint brand to prevent being cheated

3. Look at the protective glue solution

after a period of storage, the pattern particles in the art paint will sink, and there will be a protective glue solution on the paint surface. This layer of protective glue solution generally accounts for about 1/4 of the total amount of art coatings. The high-quality art coating protects the glue solution, which is colorless or yellowish and clear; And the inferior art paint, the protective glue solution is turbid, obviously showing the same color as the pattern color particles. The main problem is either the poor stability of the colorful paint, or it has been stored and should not be used again

4. Look at the floating objects

high quality art paint protects the surface of the glue solution. There are usually no other floating objects, but there are very few colored particle floating objects; However, if there are a large number of floating objects, and the color particles are full of the surface of the protective glue coating liquid, or even have a certain thickness, it is abnormal, indicating that the quality of this artistic coating is not good

daily cleaning and maintenance of artistic walls

artistic coatings have the functions of waterproof, dust-proof, flame-proof and so on. Therefore, the cleaning of artistic walls is very simple. You can use some soft brushes to clean the dust, and then wipe it with a wrung wet rag

there is less friction on the artistic wall, mainly dust, water droplets and other splashes. For example, in the hall, it is mainly dust. The cleaning and maintenance method is to wipe off the floating ash on the surface every day and regularly use spray wax water for cleaning and maintenance. Wax water not only has cleaning effect, but also can form a transparent protective film on the surface, which is more convenient for daily cleaning. In addition, be careful not to let children at home write pictures on the wall to avoid sharp tool damage





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