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Highly efficient intumescent halogen-free flame retardants are favored in the market.

at the China flame retardant academic annual conference, a news released by Northeast Forestry University attracted great attention of participants: a highly efficient intumescent halogen-free flame retardant developed by it has been successfully industrialized. When interviewing the enterprise yesterday, it was learned that this 2500 t/a flame retardant device has been put into operation for nearly a month, and the more than 10 tons of products produced have become the favorite of the market as soon as they are off the production line

the high-efficiency intumescent flame retardant developed under the leadership of Professor Li Bin, Dean of the school of science of Northeast Forestry University, has successfully solved many technical problems after six years of experiments and improvements. When reaching the same flame retardant level, its cost performance is better than halogen flame retardant

at present, in order to reach the high flame retardant level of UL-94 V-0, it is generally necessary to add 20% ~ 28% flame retardant into the materials internationally, and the domestic addition proportion is generally 26% ~ 30%. The high-efficiency intumescent flame retardant developed by Li Bin can reach UL-94 V-0 level when adding 18% ~ 20%, which greatly reduces the production cost of flame retardant materials

Li Bin said that adding this flame retardant to electrical products, seats, packaging materials, environmentally friendly foaming materials, cable sheaths, coatings, special rubber and other products can significantly improve the flame retardant level of products

Li Bin told us that China's commercial intumescent flame retardants have only started in recent years. At present, there are some domestic manufacturers. However, compared with foreign products, domestic tools can not collide with mixers. The flame retardant has low flame retardant efficiency, large amount of additives and poor thermal stability. The intumescent flame retardant produced by kejuya, the world's largest flame retardant manufacturer, can reach UL-94 V-0 when the addition amount is 20%

it is understood that halogen-free flame retardants have further improved the regional competitiveness of biological materials industry. The production process level of high water-based and solvent-free synthetic leather mainly includes intumescent flame retardants and inorganic flame retardants. Intumescent flame retardants are flame retardants with phosphorus and nitrogen as the main flame retardant elements. When the polymers containing such flame retardants are decomposed or burned, a uniform porous carbon foam layer can be formed on the surface. The foam layer has the functions of heat insulation, oxygen isolation, smoke suppression and droplet prevention. Intumescent flame retardants meet the requirements for smoke suppression and low toxicity of materials. At present, countries attach great importance to the research and development of intumescent flame retardants

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