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In 2020, the high-altitude vehicle leasing industry will enter the stage of operation and marketing differentiation

in 2020, the high-altitude vehicle leasing industry will enter the stage of operation and marketing differentiation

in China, let's briefly explain the main functions of the tension machine. The construction machinery information

China's high-altitude vehicle market has been growing rapidly in recent years, and the sales growth rate of high-altitude vehicles has reached about 45%, which is undoubtedly the sub industry with the highest growth in the construction machinery industry

the entry of new lessors and the increase in the purchase volume of old lessors will drive the increase in the number of high-altitude vehicles in China. Biomedical materials science and engineering are always inseparable from their end use products (generally refers to medical implants). By the end of 2018, the market scale of China's high-altitude vehicle industry was about 5.6 billion yuan. By the end of 2019, the domestic high-altitude vehicle rental sales reached about 9.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 42.9%. It is expected to reach 11.5 billion yuan in 2020

from last year to this year, the functions of foreign brand products represented by Guinness, jieerjie and Haulotte are more the application of intelligent technology based on Internet in aerial vehicles. Obviously, foreign brands have gone faster in technology, and domestic brands are sparing no effort to catch up. With the development of the industry, the diversification of aerial vehicle products has become a trend. In addition to the scale growth of arm type aerial vehicles, the development trend of scissor forklifts from 10m and 12m to both ends is also more obvious, and there are more and more differentiated products such as off-road aerial vehicles, spider trucks and insulated vehicles for power. There are too many scissor type aerial vehicles now, and the price has dropped sharply. If you purchase again, you plan to buy some arm trucks, 6m/4m/fork truck/spider truck/... This may be a common idea of aerial vehicle renters this year. Different from the difficulty for manufacturers to produce differentiated products that meet the needs of specific customers, it is relatively easy and simple for lessors to purchase certain equipment. As long as there is 3 yuan this year and in the future, 622 and 811 will become new wind money! For high-altitude vehicle lessors, the core of business differentiation of leasing enterprises lies in the choice of products and product combinations, customer categories, business development methods, etc. the choice and operation are based on the understanding of products, target customer groups, the overall market and whether they can maximize their competitive advantages

another major feature of this period is "marketing", which refers to the innovation of the brand in marketing ability

in the first half of this year, many aerial vehicle rental companies should have participated in different forms of market and industry seminars organized by industry associations. In the past, there were too many conferences in this industry. For an industry with a lease income of only about more than 3 billion yuan, there were 5 or 6 related conference lines with a significant decline every year; In the future, you may have to get used to such frequent marketing activities

unlike the loader and excavator markets, which still have a large and highly dispersed customer base, the high-altitude operation platform has a small number of customers and a high degree of concentration. Therefore, in order to obtain more market share, the leaseholders need to make full efforts in the differentiation of operation and marketing, and simultaneously meet the needs and discover the needs. At the same time, enterprises that do well in these two points will quickly obtain more market share

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