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High end equipment manufacturing has stepped into the policy dividend period, and the development of the "13th five year plan" will be accelerated.

in the new round of industrial wave, in order to seek greater development, it is imperative to promote the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and localization substitution. As a new industrial engine, high-end equipment manufacturing will become the top priority of the process market for the future development and utilization of graphene, and the policy is expected to be favorable in the long term

in fact, over the past decade, China has paid more attention to high-end equipment manufacturing, and the incentive policies have continued. After years of development, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry has achieved unprecedented development and initially formed an industrial pattern. High end equipment manufacturing

is not only a long-term good policy (try below), but also a huge demand potential in the high-end equipment market. According to the analysis report on the development prospect and investment strategic planning of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry released by the prospective industry research institute, it is estimated that by 2020, the sales revenue of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry will reach 16.55 trillion yuan, accounting for 25% of the equipment manufacturing industry

it can be predicted that during the "13th five year plan" period, the high-end equipment manufacturing industry will usher in another five-year strategic opportunity period, and aviation equipment, high-end CNC machine tools, robots, modern agricultural machinery, marine engineering equipment and high-tech ships are expected to benefit first

although the future development prospects are broad, there are still many gaps compared with the international advanced level, such as weak innovation ability, lack of core technology, imperfect industrial system, lagging service system construction, etc. In this regard, the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry can be accelerated from three aspects in the future

first, strengthen independent innovation and improve industrial competitiveness. On the one hand, the government should organize technological breakthroughs in important fields and guide enterprises to increase R & D investment to break through bottlenecks; On the other hand, enterprises should work with government departments and scientific research institutions to carry out R & D, promote the application of R & D achievements, promote the construction of industrial common technology platforms, and improve the competitiveness of the industry

secondly, actively expand domestic and foreign markets. Governments at all levels should support the development of domestic equipment manufacturing enterprises and create a good domestic market demand environment. At the same time, a large number of reaction kettles that can be opened are required in production to support and guide excellent domestic enterprises to go global and promote project cooperation in countries and regions along the "the Belt and Road"

finally, optimize industrial structure adjustment and industrial layout. Specifically, we should optimize product structure, organizational structure and spatial layout. To optimize the product structure, it is necessary to encourage the use of high and new technologies to transform and upgrade industries. To optimize the organizational structure, it is necessary to promote enterprise merger and reorganization, resource integration, and standardize market competition. To optimize the spatial layout, it is necessary to create a number of demonstration bases and create internationally renowned industrial clusters. Therefore, the accuracy of the signal is the first issue to be considered in the hardware system design of the tension machine

to sum up, during the "13th five year plan" period, China's high-end equipment manufacturing industry will enter a policy dividend period, with a good development momentum and promising prospects. However, we should correctly recognize the gap with the international advanced level and take multiple measures to accelerate the development of high-end equipment

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