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Taiwan's high-end equipment promotes the development of Longgang printing industry it is reported that in Longgang's printing Park, Taiwan's equipment is highly respected by Longgang printers, and Taiwan brand printing equipment suppliers such as Taiwan Wangchang, Taiwan Bisheng, Taiwan cultural rights, Taiwan Dingshun, Taiwan Youheng and other well-known brands are more favored

according to caixuetao, deputy general manager of Sanxin printing materials Co., Ltd., the general agent of a number of equipment in Taiwan, Longgang region introduced more than 50 Taiwan prepress and Postpress automation high-end equipment from 2009 to 2010. These equipment are expensive, ranging from hundreds of thousands of yuan to twoorthree million yuan. The production of these equipment has injected new vitality into the development of Longgang printing industry, It plays a positive role in realizing the automation of printing industry in Longgang area. The printing industry in Longgang area is well-known in the industry as China's printing city. However, it is recognized that the profit of the printing industry is meagre. In addition, in recent years, the price of raw materials, and the need to obtain all staff salaries, freight, etc. have been rising. The development of Longgang printing industry is difficult. Due to the unexpected encounter with the financial crisis since 2009, some small enterprises have been forced to transform or close down, and highly competitive enterprises have begun to make efforts to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. As a result, intelligent equipment has attracted the attention of business owners. With the production of the first batch of equipment, some enterprises have tasted the sweetness of introducing automation equipment, which has led to the sales of Taiwan's post press high-end equipment in Longgang. Fukang group, Xinya group, Zhejiang Zhongyi, Huatai printing, Liugui group and other leading enterprises are once again in the technical leather. The electronic tensile testing machine is now the main equipment for material testing because it is easy to operate The advantages of high precision have played a leading role in the new

according to the current situation of the printing industry in Longgang, the postprinting people have invested a lot in the cost with the joint efforts of all parties in the field of aviation materials, so the demand for post printing automation equipment such as film covering, die cutting, box pasting and binding is promising. Therefore, Sanxin materials Co., Ltd. has made a comprehensive investigation on the price performance ratio of products, and reasonably guided local enterprises to rationally introduce appropriate products in combination with their own reality. In the spirit of being responsible to customers, Sanxin printing materials has also communicated with Taiwan Printing Association for many times to discuss the comprehensive performance of automation equipment, so as to realize the replacement of manpower with machines in Longgang area, so as to solve the difficulties faced by labor-intensive enterprises. At present, some enterprises in Longgang area, represented by Longgang, have tasted the benefits of post press automation equipment after it is put into operation. Many enterprises have After the box pasting machine was in place, the history of recruiting famous general workers was ended. Sanxin company required suppliers to implement special preferential policies in Longgang area, such as price, to win group purchase price for Longgang enterprises, and to provide 24-hour service by specially assigned personnel. The two sides reached an agreement on the exhibition and related activities, such as information. 3. The national gb2626 ⑵ 006 standard stipulates that the filter element of the dust mask is printed with a permanent logo: gb2626 ⑵ 006-kn100. The important representatives of the two sides are listed as guests of important activities to discuss the trends of the printing industry and share information resources in a timely manner, Jointly promote the development of the printing industry on both sides of the Taiwan Straits

nowadays, the investment in Longgang automation equipment has become a symbol of enterprises' progress. Sanxin company has become a service provider trusted by Zhejiang customers because of the successful operation of Longgang market. During the Longgang printing Expo last year, Yiwu, Taizhou, Ningbo, Hangzhou and printing associations outside the province organized groups to Longgang to learn from experience. Through field visits, the industry has a new understanding of post press automation

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