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The bottleneck of high-end bearings is expected to be broken through during the 12th Five Year Plan Period At the high-level seminar on bearing technology and industrial development in high-end equipment manufacturing organized by Wazhou group and Xi'an Jiaotong University, 7 academicians and 18 experts from Chinese Academy of Engineering agreed that China's major equipment urgently needs high-end bearings

on October 11-12, at the "high level seminar on bearing technology and industrial development in high-end equipment manufacturing" hosted by the Chinese Academy of engineering and organized by Wazhou group and Xi'an Jiaotong University, 7 academicians and 18 experts from scientific research institutes, including lubingheng, from the Chinese Academy of engineering, agreed that China's major equipment is in urgent need of high-end bearings, and high-end bearing research topics are most likely to achieve a breakthrough during the "12th Five Year Plan"

at the meeting, academicians and experts attending the meeting fully discussed the development of China's high-end bearing technology. Among them, high-speed railway bearings and high-end CNC machine tool bearings have become hot topics. Wei Guo, an expert of the general iron and Steel Research Institute, panjiansheng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, and Wang Yu, chief scientist of the "973" high performance rolling bearing basic research project of the Ministry of science and technology, reported the latest research results from the aspects of manufacturing materials, thermal processing and basic theoretical research of high-speed railway train bearings. We advocate that enterprises should test the core materials of thermal insulation materials

as one of the main contents of the "973" project of the Ministry of science and technology of China, "high performance rolling bearing foundation project" is undertaken by 6 scientific research institutions including Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiaotong University and Xi'an Jiaotong University, and the bearing is the only enterprise participating in this project. Wang Yu, the chief scientist of the project, said in an interview that the portal structure "high performance rolling bearing foundation project" corresponding to the single arm structure is mainly aimed at the bearings supporting China's major equipment such as CNC machine tools, high-speed railways and aero-engine spindles. At present, these bearings are 100% dependent on imports. The reason why the "973" project is listed as a major national scientific research project is that it fully conforms to the direction of national economic development. For example, high-speed railway is the key development project of the country in the next few years, but the bearing has become a serious bottleneck. At present, high-speed rail bearings in European and American countries can meet the demand of 350~400 kilometers per hour, while China's current high-speed bearings can only meet the demand of 150~180 kilometers of EMUs. Such a big gap, if China adopts large projects to drive the development of basic components in the past, it is obviously too late. Moreover, practice has proved that this development method is not successful, because the cost of bearings on any host is negligible, However, it plays a very important role. The OEMs are not willing to do such a low-cost and high-risk thing. Therefore, we must take the initiative to accelerate the pace of development and get ahead of time

lubingheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said that the research and development of high-end bearings involves a series of technical problems such as materials, grease and lubrication, manufacturing and equipment. In addition, it also involves basic research and interdisciplinary subjects such as contact mechanics, lubrication theory, tribology, fatigue and damage, heat treatment and material organization. We must focus on industrial development policies and technological development plans to solve the problem of lagging development of medium - and high-end bearings in the equipment manufacturing industry. Only by organizing various forces to jointly tackle key problems and doing a good job in the combination of production, study and research, can we complete the task of marching towards high-end bearings. The academicians and experts present at the meeting suggested that the Chinese Academy of engineering should organize academicians and experts to conduct special research, investigate and discuss the demand for high-end bearings in China's major equipment, technical problems faced in the development, technical development roadmap, industrial development policies and environment, and form a consultation report as a reference for the state to formulate relevant industrial development plans and plans

according to wanglushun, chairman of Wazhou group, as a participant in the "973" project of the national major basic research plan, Wazhou group is creating a close industry university research cooperation mode with 8 other participating units such as Xi'an Jiaotong University to promote the organic combination of production technology and scientific research achievements. At present, Wazhou group has independently developed axle box bearings for high-speed motor cars. The bearing has good sealing performance, high-speed and high-temperature lubrication stability, and special high-quality carburized steel materials to ensure the service life and operation reliability of the bearing. The completed bench performance test has achieved good results, and the durability test is under way. At the same time, the bearing group has carried out research on the design, manufacturing, inspection and test technology of machine tool bearings, and successfully developed high-end CNC machine tool supporting bearings, which are supporting many well-known machine tool companies in China. Especially in the development of heavy machine tool bearings, a major breakthrough has been made

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