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High end equipment has become a marketing weapon of Zoomlion Guide: on July 26, the iPad content management system of Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd. achieved phased results. It has distributed more than 600 iPads to marketing soldiers and issued 293 documents, covering the company, new products, services and other aspects. The application of the iPad content management system is very important to improve

on July 26, Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Co., Ltd.'s "iPad content management system" achieved phased results, accumulatively distributed more than 600 iPads and 293 documents to marketing soldiers, covering the company, new products and services in food packaging, etc. The application of "iPad content management system" has played a very good role in improving the company's image, disseminating corporate culture, promoting products and services, and getting familiar with business. It has become another sharp tool for Zoomlion marketing salespeople to compete for business negotiations and orders, and directly release energy to runners

ipad tablet computer mainly displays concrete equipment construction cases and product highlights to customers in a better and more comprehensive way by means of multimedia digitization. At the same time, the equipment can also quickly update the company's product and equipment information through 3G, so that overseas marketing representatives can timely grasp the company's new products and technical advantages

through the continuous improvement and development of the Information Department of the branch company in the later stage, the marketing management platform and source of goods information have been transplanted to the iPad tablet computer, so that overseas marketing representatives can timely understand the company's policies and source of goods information. In the future, a mobile CRM system similar to the E-PASS service will be realized to finely manage the daily work of marketing representatives

with the continuous improvement of the informatization flat metal coating tensile strength test method and the continuous updating of the database, more product information of the company was transmitted to the marketing representatives at the first time. Marketing representatives can learn more about the company's trends and the release of new products from the information platform of iPad tablet computer by gradually getting familiar with it, so that now iPad has become a necessary tool for overseas marketing representatives to display the company's product equipment and self-learning

the use of iPad tablet computer has replaced some of the functions of paper brochures, making the operation more convenient and the display more comprehensive, marking a new step in the internationalization of Zoomlion concrete sales

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