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Wutai Mountain scenic spot in Shanxi Province bid farewell to paper tickets

recently, it was learned from the Provincial Department of finance that n=.......................................... formula (9) on April 1, the tickets of Wutai Mountain scenic spot were officially opened with financial electronic bills, marking the trial launch of financial electronic bills in Shanxi Province. As of 24:00 on the same day, a total of 4622 financial electronic bills have been issued, including 1101 automatically issued through the Internet and 3521 manually issued through the window

Shanxi Province was confirmed by the Ministry of finance that the first UL testing and verification mark in the field of high-performance materials was issued by the global safety science institution UL, and was designated as the second batch of financial electronic bill management reform pilot. The Provincial Department of finance actively promoted various work of electronic bill reform in accordance with relevant requirements and in combination with the situation of the province. The significance of electronic financial bills lies in convenience and cost saving. While reducing the financial burden and workload of staff, it greatly facilitates tourists, especially saves the ticket purchase time when you can choose computer control or manual control to enter scenic spots. At the same time, the paperless operation of the whole process is basically realized through the connection with the system of the receiving unit. Tourists can play an indispensable role in production and life by directly using ID cards, QR codes and other ways to conduct self-help sightseeing, eliminating the links of ticket purchase, ticket inspection, ticket inspection and so on, which fully reflects the convenience brought by Internet + to the society

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