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Wuxi Intelligent Automatic Control Engineering Co., Ltd. joined the Jiangsu valve association organization

Wuxi Intelligent Automatic Control Engineering Co., Ltd. officially handled the procedures for joining the Jiangsu valve industry association on December 5, 2017, so as to become a new member of the Jiangsu valve industry association organization, and also a heavyweight enterprise joining the Jiangsu Valve Association this year. Jiangsu Valve Association sincerely welcomes this! So far, Wuxi Intelligent Automatic Control Engineering Co., Ltd. officially handled the procedures for joining Jiangsu valve industry association on December 5, 2017, so as to become a new member of Jiangsu valve industry association and a heavyweight enterprise joining Jiangsu Valve Association this year. Jiangsu Valve Association sincerely welcomes this! So far, according to the formula, Jiangsu Valve Association has 168 Member enterprises, including 6 main board listed enterprises of China nuclear technology, Newell, Jiangsu Shentong, Dawson, Keyuan and Wuxi intelligent, and 2 central enterprises (China Nuclear suvalve Technology Industry Co., Ltd. and Yangzhou power equipment repair and manufacturing factory Co., Ltd.). The organization of Jiangsu Valve Association is growing

it is understood that Wuxi Intelligent Automatic Control Engineering Co., Ltd., founded in 2001, is located in Wuxi National High Tech Development Zone. The company covers an area of about 45000 square meters, a construction area of 39000 square meters, and a registered capital of 122.24 million yuan. It has more than 310 sets of advanced manufacturing and testing equipment for manufacturing control valves, as well as domestic leading flow test systems and laboratories, It realizes the automation and modernization of manufacturing process based on machining center and numerical control. The company has more than 385 employees, including 76 engineering and technical personnel engaged in product research and development, and 76% of the employees with college degree or above. In 2016, the company's sales volume was 267million yuan, and the tax revenue was 36.0933 million yuan

the company was listed on the small and medium-sized board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange on June 5, 2017. Its stock abbreviation: intelligent automatic control, stock code 002877

Wuxi intelligent company specializes in producing all kinds of pneumatic and electric control valves, and undertakes the integration of control devices and control systems. Its products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, iron and steel, metallurgy, building materials, light industry, electric power, environmental protection, energy, food and other industries, and are also exported to India, Thailand, Australia, Indonesia, Russia and other countries

Wuxi intelligent company has a professional valve overhaul and maintenance team, which undertakes various valve maintenance projects externally. Based on the technical advantages of valve manufacturers, it enjoys a high reputation in the industry

Wuxi intelligent company also designs and manufactures various special control valves for users, such as low-temperature valves, insulation jacket valves, melt material angle valves, cryogenic angle valves, various special angle valves, etc; It also produces valves of special materials, such as Hastelloy B, Hastelloy C, all kinds of Ti, bi-directional steel, zirconium, etc

products include: P series spherical single seat regulating valve, M series sleeve regulating valve, W series butterfly valve, R series ball valve, Y Series self operated regulating valve, F series anti-corrosion valve, J series angle valve, Z series material valve, T series three-way regulating valve, QL series straight stroke pneumatic actuator and QR series pneumatic angle stroke actuator, etc

the company's characteristic products: WT series of various high-pressure and low-pressure three eccentric butterfly valves, R9 series of high-pressure top mounted fixed metal seal ball valves, z/j series of various special angle valves. Among them, WT series three eccentric butterfly valve, the specification is from 3 "- 128", and the pressure grade is 900lb-1500lb. The specification of high-pressure series has reached 48 ", and the sealing grade has reached ANSI class VI. R9 high-pressure top mounted fixed metal sealed ball valve, the pressure grade can reach 900lb-1500lb, and the specification can reach 18", and the sealing grade can reach ANSI class VI or above. It is especially suitable for occasions where the control magnesium alloy needs frequent cutting action and has high shock absorption performance. Z/j series various special angle valves, with pressure rating up to 900lb-1500lb and specification up to 30 ". The company also specially established Jiangsu special valve Co., Ltd. to cooperate with domestic universities and research institutes, committed to the research and development of metal hard seal control ball valve series products, and strive to break the monopoly position of foreign products in the user market, which realizes frequent switching off under severe working conditions. These three categories of products are absolutely leading in the control valve industry and are benchmark products for localization in the field of control valves

Wuxi intelligent company is a high-tech enterprise in the national torch plan and a national pilot enterprise for the integration of industrialization and industrialization; High tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province, private technology enterprises in Jiangsu Province, and the first batch of innovative enterprises in Jiangsu Province; The company has established Jiangsu regulating valve engineering technology center, Key Laboratory of intelligent instrument actuator and postdoctoral workstation, and is a member of Sinopec's primary resource market. The company has 158 national patents in the field of control valves. Its economic indicators, per capita output value and management level rank at the forefront of the actuator field in the national automation instrument industry

management characteristics of Wuxi intelligent company: apply the management concept of modern enterprise to organize operation management. Based on the implementation of ERP, CRM, PDM and other management, the company's running MES production management system has realized a completely paperless information-based dynamic management model for production and operation, which enables production planning, personnel scheduling, product design to drawing distribution and management, process design to process management, equipment status and management Quality management, material movement management, etc., fully realize modern dynamic information management, greatly improve the management level and efficiency of the company, and create a precedent in the industry

Wuxi intelligent company product research and development: the company has a special research and development team, uses the platform of post doctoral workstation, and introduces high-end research and development talents. The product design adopts 3D model and finite element analysis modular design. The experimental facilities required for product research and development include (already built and under construction): flow test center, valve dynamic test center, hydrodynamic simulation laboratory, vibration laboratory, low temperature laboratory, High temperature dynamic laboratory, actuator test center, material laboratory, mechanical laboratory, control valve function safety reliability test center, etc., and complete product test platforms enable us to make more accurate and rigorous tests on products, and make timely adjustments to products in the design stage, which greatly reduces the production cycle and cost of products, and greatly improves the service life and reliability of products. The company's annual expenses for product research and development have stabilized at a high level accounting for 5% of sales revenue, greatly promoting product research and development. At the same time, the company is also a member of the National Standardization Committee and actively participates in the formulation of national standards for control valve products

Wuxi intelligent company adheres to the development path of localization, aims at the products and markets of non-standard testing methods that can be self-made in high-end laboratories, and has the courage to innovate. In recent years, it has developed a series of high-tech products, such as high-pressure triple eccentric butterfly valves, various special angle valves in PTA industry, top mounted high-pressure metal sealed ball valves and other high-tech products, breaking the monopoly of foreign products in the industry, Become the benchmark of industry localization and always stand at the high end of industry localization

science and technology lead the development of enterprises, and scientific research and development drive the continuous growth of enterprises. Science and technology and R & D have also become the cornerstone for enterprises to maintain rapid and steady growth under the harsh global market environment. Through continuous independent scientific and technological innovation and the transformation of scientific and technological project achievements, we can improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and let Wuxi intelligent contribute to the development of national industry

(Secretariat of Jiangsu valve industry association)

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