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Xichai Aowei leads the era of high-power heavy trucks

in early June, the nationwide general launch ceremony of FAW Jiefang new J6 officially met with card friends across the country in Shenzhen. This smart, safe and reliable heavy truck enjoys the reputation of "2017 is the most expected". What really makes Jiefang J6 the focus of attention is the star engine of FAW Jiefang Xichai (hereinafter referred to as "Xichai") - Aowei ca6dme5 engine. Since the first quarter of this year, orway engine has been frequently unveiled in public

Xichai Aowei engine won the award of "2017 China's most trusted fuel-efficient heavy-duty engine for truck users" with high quality and high customer satisfaction

at the "sixth I trust commercial vehicle power selection" award ceremony held in Beijing in 2017, the Xichai Aowei ca6dme51 engine was recognized by users and experts at the review meeting, winning the "gold engine" award at one stroke, becoming a high-end heavy truck power that has attracted much attention

with its outstanding advantages in fuel economy, safety, reliability, power and so on, Xichai Aowei series products have broken through the siege in the new round of industry "reshuffle", and it has won more than these palace level honors

at present, the whole series of FAW Jiefang heavy truck family are equipped with Jiefang Xichai Aowei engine, with horsepower covering 350-550ps. Xichai Aowei engine helped liberate the heavy truck, making it the most eye-catching brand in the heavy truck market in the first half of 2017 by virtue of its strong power, extreme fuel saving and excellent quality, creating a new standard for efficient logistics and transportation, and creating a "core power, quality leadership, money making machine, FAW Jiefang!" A resounding reputation

breakthrough in the "smart" manufacturing industry

in the first half of 2017, the booming production and sales of heavy trucks was the result of multiple factors. First, the growth of highway logistics market has driven the demand for heavy trucks; Secondly, infrastructure investment has gradually recovered, and the demand for heavy trucks has increased significantly; Third, China has introduced new policies to deal with overload and superelevation, which has accelerated the elimination of some old heavy trucks and released some market space

the dividends brought by the market and policies are on the one hand, and on the other hand, the breakthrough of Xichai in the field of scientific and technological innovation is the key. At the national five year engine new product appraisal and scientific and technological achievements appraisal meeting held by Jiangsu Provincial Commission of economy and information technology and China Machinery Industry Federation, Experts highly affirmed the ca6dm3, a new product of the fifth national product of Xichai Aowei: "the ca6dm3 diesel engine of the fifth national product of Xichai has solved key technical problems such as low fuel consumption, long service life and long oil change cycle while the product meets the emission standard of the fifth national product, and has obtained 6 inventions and 36 utility model patents, filling a number of technical gaps in domestic heavy-duty diesel engines." A number of leading technologies of national five series products of Xichai have passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements, attracting the high attention of professionals in the industry

the heavy machinery Department of Xichai is a discrete intelligent manufacturing pilot. The Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of the first batch of intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration projects, and Xichai is on the list. Since it was put into operation in 2012, Xichai heavy machinery department has been committed to building an internationally leading heavy-duty diesel engine base, making full use of digital design technology, using three-dimensional modeling, production line simulation, simulation technology and other methods to ensure the completion of design goals. In this process, a large number of automatic intelligent equipment are used, which integrates automation, flexibility, five performance evaluation, integration and intelligence of quality, so as to improve production efficiency, improve quality assurance ability, and reduce manufacturing costs. At the same time, it can realize the life cycle data management of product research and development, production and manufacturing, and sales services. As the only two projects in the province and the first successfully approved project in the city, Xichai highlights an intelligent chemical plant with leading design, equipment and management, which has become the key for Xichai to maintain its industry leadership

the engine is the heart of the car. Its manufacturing needs many steps, and each step may affect the quality of the final product. The traditional manufacturing process adopts the method of human registration paper, which is simple and time-consuming. Now, a digital nut in the intelligent workshop of Xichai can record 2000 words of information, which not only makes the data more accurate, but also continuously records the whole production process, greatly improving the manufacturing efficiency. At present, on average, a heavy-duty diesel engine is produced every 120 seconds in Xichai, with the highest efficiency in the country

strength shows the style of a top general

in April this year, the "driverless" smart truck independently developed by FAW Jiefang successfully made its debut in Changchun. This first real vehicle demonstration of intelligent driving in the domestic commercial vehicle industry has received high attention from many parties, marking that liberation has entered the intelligent era ahead of others, and the era of intelligent truck is coming. The "core" used by Jiefang smart truck is the Xichai Aowei engine. The "driverless" smart truck has higher requirements for engine matching and all aspects, and Aowei has achieved it

it's not just Jiefang car. As long as the heavy truck equipped with the 11 liter Wuxi Diesel Engine of Aowei is "hard to get one car", the ca6dme51 engine of Wuxi Diesel Aowei has become the most popular heavy truck engine among users. It not only interprets the quality of heavy trucks from a new perspective, but also gains the high recognition and praise of the majority of users. Xichai Aowei 6dm2 machine has excellent fuel saving performance and 460 horsepower output. In the current 49T standard load transportation market, it can easily cope with all kinds of road sections, and it is more fuel-efficient with low speed and large torque. Chen Fang, general manager of an automobile transportation Co., Ltd. in Jiangxi, said, "Xichai Aowei 6dm2 machine is a fuel-saving 'magic machine'. According to the test method of the sample, we have specially formulated some experience."

in addition to the outstanding economic "fuel saving", the safety and reliability "worry saving" of Aowei engine is also well-known. It adopts the world's most advanced solid chain compression release braking technology. Compared with the traditional drenching braking, driving on the plateau with low temperature all year round or in winter can avoid freezing the road caused by drenching, directly reduce the probability of traffic accidents, and greatly improve safety. At the same time, it saves the cost of frequently adding water, reduces the weight of the whole vehicle, saves fuel consumption, and brings tangible benefits to users. The "sharp tool for making money" is worthy of the name. In the southwest of shanduoduo insurance, the sales volume of Aowei engine has risen rapidly with its outstanding safety. This year, the sales volume of Aowei 6dm2 matching Jiefang Truck in Yunnan, Sichuan, Tibet and Chongqing has exceeded twice that of last year. Today, on the roads north and south of the river, you can see the majestic posture of Jiefang heavy truck Mercedes Benz matched with Xichai Aowei engine. FAW Jiefang Xichai "core" successfully helped Jiefang brand fully achieve market sales leadership and achieved fruitful results

this year, the high-end power products developed by Xichai aiming at the heavy truck market have formed the largest beautiful combination in Asia with its strong, fuel-efficient, reliable, comfortable, safe and other characteristics, together with the super loading capacity and superior driving performance of FAW Jiefang J6 and other heavy trucks, and the sales volume is far ahead among similar products. Xichai Aowei engine is the first diesel engine product in China to use four valve technology and overhead camshaft technology. It has many innovative technologies such as "FCB braking system" and "long oil change technology". Its scores in product quality, dynamic performance and fuel consumption per 100 kilometers are significantly higher than those of competitors. It has helped liberate J6 from the beginning, and has become the fastest growing engine market in China The brand with the highest user recognition

today, Chinese enterprises are in the environment of "transformation and value reconstruction". Enterprises should accelerate the transformation and upgrading and the layout of strategic emerging industries such as new energy and intelligent manufacturing, and select and dynamically announce every year to seize the commanding height of "made in China 2025". "The Xiongguan pass is really like iron, and now we are going to cross over from the beginning." From the "None" of its first venture to the "you" of its fourth venture, Xichai has proved its qualitative leap from a product enterprise to a brand enterprise with its own strength. Today, Xichai is strategically located, breaking the boundary between traditional manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, actively exploring technological innovation in the context of interconnection, realizing the leap from manufacturing to "intelligent" manufacturing, forming the core value with Xichai characteristics and unique market competitiveness, and will continue the industry's remarkable "achievements". (this article is from Xichai)

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