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According to the National Paint Industry Information Center, Wuxi Huhuang paint Co., Ltd. has recently developed an environmental friendly fire retardant coating. The product has no environmental pollution elimination methods: loosen the motor fixing screws, simplify the production process, and facilitate the construction. It can be used in the coating of various fire protection requirements, and can be applied to various substrates. It is an ultra-thin type, It is a high-efficiency fire-proof coating for outdoor use, which can resist the combustion of hydrocarbon fire. It has excellent weather resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance and other chemical properties, high adhesion, durability, fine paint film and beautiful decorative effect. Uniform expansion, special bubble structure and high fire prevention effect. According to the company, the product is composed of environmental protection solvents, weather resistant acrylic resin, Chloroether resin, flame retardant amino resin, dispersant, composite foaming powder, wood fiber yarn, inorganic bead hollow filler, anti sagging agent, as well as a variety of flame retardant materials and titanium dioxide. Wuxi Huhuang paint industry Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise integrating science, industry and trade, with an annual output of 80000 tons of high-grade paint, coating, synthetic resin and chemical solvents. Its products mainly include polyester paint, fluorocarbon paint, interior and exterior wall emulsion paint, special industrial metallic paint, fire retardant paint, marine paint, NC LACA nitro paint, and resin with electric heating core preheating device in synthetic extrusion unit There are more than 300 varieties of eight series including high boiling point solvents

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