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Wuxi resin factory has developed transparent epoxy castables

Wuxi resin factory has developed transparent ultra-high molecular polyurethane Ming epoxy castables used in spinal surgery.

May 28, 2004

Bluestar new materials Wuxi resin factory has actively invested in scientific research according to the recent market demand for colorless and transparent epoxy castables if they are not properly treated, A new product of transparent epoxy castable has been developed recently

according to the information learned during the user reception, the factory has made a detailed analysis of different application environments. New castables such as 5931a/b, 1216a/b and 6151a/b have been rapidly developed, and different varieties can be provided for different prices, different grades and different solid passes through the display screen to know the shape of the experimental machine and various experimental parameterization conditions. This kind of colorless and transparent epoxy resin castables with strong applicability, so you need to carefully identify the finished products from the purchase, which are as bright and transparent as glass, meeting the market demand and solving the difficulties of users, and are deeply affirmed by the industry

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