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Wuxi Lvyou regained safety 17 days after losing contact. The family spent 200000 searching for the "Jiangnan Evening News" micro signal. On May 24, Xiao Zhu, a Wuxi Lvyou who walked away in Heizhugou, Sichuan, found it. After 17 days of losing the league, he walked out of the valley of the destruction of China

on May 6, Xiao Zhu (a pseudonym), a 27 year old man from Wuxi, lost his contact that night after entering Heizhugou, Sichuan alone. After that, Xiao Zhu's family was extremely anxious and withdrew the reward. If anyone can find Xiao Zhu, he will be rewarded 100000 Yuan directly

Heizhugou is known as Bermuda in China, and the terrain is very dangerous. It is not the first case that donkey friends lose contact

on May 23, Xiao Zhu has been out of contact for 17 days, and his family has broken money about more than 200000 yuan for search and rescue, but no effective clues have been found, and his family will increase the reward to 200000 yuan

when people were almost hopeless, at 10 a.m. on May 23, Xiao Zhu himself walked out of the mountains and appeared in front of the family

at present, his physical condition is outstanding


from multiple channels, Xiao Zhu is a thoroughly experienced donkey friend. He once signed up for the Taihu Lake International Cycling Race and carried a bag of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. more technical knowledge is available in our manufacturers. Welcome to consult and visit many places around the world

a person familiar with Xiao Zhu also revealed that Xiao Zhu once found a ladder car, climbed onto the balcony of his sweetheart's house and proposed to him. At that time, this matter was also enjoyed by friends

maybe you can get out of Heizhu ditch, which is a historic site

Heizhu gully is located in the southwest of Sichuan Basin, with peculiar valley terrain and rich vegetation. Local name: Si Huo, that is, the valley of destruction. Because there are many unsolved "mysteries" hidden in Heizhugou, such as the loss of the compass, the loss of human and animal tracks and other mysteries. It is located at 30 north latitude, and was once known as the "Bermuda University of China"

Heizhugou donkey friends lost contact more than one way

in August 2014, five donkey friends went to Heizhugou for exploration, three of them lost contact, and two of them were found dead, but Li Jing, the leader of the exploration team, has still not heard from them

in August 2015, Chongqing boy Li Mingshan went to Heizhugou scenic area alone and lost his contact. So far, there is no clue

what risks and mysteries are hidden in the forbidden area of life where the mysteries of the little beast have disappeared

since 2014, Sichuan Provincial Heshan capital department has organized experts and scholars from Chengdu University of science and technology and West China Hospital of Sichuan University of science and technology to stop exploring the law of geomagnetic spatial diffusion and change in Heizhugou, trying to uncover its mystery

1. Geomagnetic anomaly

before 2014, Li Caiming, a professor of Chengdu University of science and technology, left Heizhugou and detected the existence of geomagnetic anomalies in Heizhugou on the spot - in addition to the earth's magnetic field, its political achievements also made its popularity soar, and there are other magnetic fields

before that, there was a change-over switch that should be turned to the loading gear. Experts stopped testing the magnetic field in Heizhu ditch. A few years ago, Li Caiming, a professor at Chengdu University of technology, left Heizhu ditch. At the mouth of the ditch, the value on the meridian meter was 49300 nates

we know that the earth itself has a magnetic field, which changes with the change of geographical latitude. Walking from the equator to both sides, the closer it is to the poles, the stronger the magnetic field. Heizhugou is located around the middle and low latitude line of 30 north latitude, and the earth's magnetic field should be around 50000 nates. In other words, at this time, the value on the meridian meter belongs to the normal range

continue to walk inward, but no abnormality is found. However, after entering Shimen pass, strange things happened. Guided by GPS, Li Caiming walked 2000 meters south. At this time, he found that the value on the meridian gauge was 49500 nates. In the northern hemisphere, the closer we go to the south, the closer we are to the equator, and the weaker the magnetic field should be. How can we reverse it here

and this just confirms the experts' conjecture: there are geomagnetic anomalies in Heizhugou - in addition to the earth's magnetic field, there are other magnetic fields

2. The maximum deflection of the compass is 20

Where does this abnormal magnetic field come from? As far as you can see, except for the rich and powerful vegetation, it is the rocks that stand into the clouds. Li Caiming took out the magnetic needle and walked along a target. However, the magnetic needle deflected. The closer it was to the rock, the more obvious the deflection was. Originally, this humble rock is magnetic

through judgment and sampling identification, the identity of the rock was confirmed - basalt

basalt is a magmatic rock formed by the cooling and condensation of volcanic magma, with high iron content. There is a large amount of basalt in shimenguan, which releases magnetism to form a magnetic field and disturbs the original earth's magnetic field. In this way, the compass will "fail"

however, this geomagnetic anomaly zone cannot explain everything that occurred in Heizhugou, such as the mystery of missing tracks. In addition to the earth's magnetic field, there are many ways for carrier pigeons to find their way. Why did the four carrier pigeons disappear

if you say, ancient people had to rely on the compass to guide the way, but now that there is a more elementary GPS, why do some donkey friends still fall in love with Heizhugou

there are many mysteries in the black bamboo ditch surrounded by clouds. For example, out of such a forbidden area of life, how can they do it when they are no longer simple ordinary bottles, films, tires, etc

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