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Wuxi New Area has complete generator hoisting equipment, Yiding equipment hoisting and handling

Wuxi New Area has complete generator hoisting equipment, Yiding equipment hoisting and handling

irrational competition in service pricing. Price war is an important means of competition for Taizhou hoisting company. Low prices can indeed win a large number of customers, but some enterprises have to control the service quality in order to win customers, blindly serve the price, and make profits in the service. Although the control method is relatively simple, such as cutting corners in equipment handling and packaging, or gradually pricing in subsequent services, which gives customers the impression that the enterprise operation is chaotic. Blind price increases, rather than working on service quality, make it difficult to be loyal to customers. Irrational competition in talent recruitment. The lifting industry has a growing demand for talents, especially for equipment lifting workers

from scratch, it should include the cooperation between drivers and ground personnel, such as the communication between thinking workers and time commanders. When carrying out cooperative hoisting operations, the cranes that are easy to use belong to the same model and load. If you need to use different types of cranes, it is better to use cranes of the same brand or specification. Coordination in the cooperative hoisting, the hoisting used by the two cranes should cooperate with each other. For example, double-click lifting, the lifting speed of the two cranes should be basically the same. In case of inconsistency, the auxiliary crane needs to be carried out according to the parameters of the main crane

equipment handling companies often hoist and disassemble boiler equipment in factories and use truck cranes and other equipment. Therefore, for safety, equipment handling companies should obtain this qualification. The pressure pipeline installation license is also issued by the technology administration. Enterprises engaged in the installation of pressure vessels, steam pipelines, petrochemical natural gas pipelines and oil pipelines, which have also become a landmark product of different manufacturers showing their technical strength, need to obtain this license

at the same time, it is also necessary to consider the handling route. The handling cost should be considered for the handling route. Some routes may be short, but the handling is difficult, so they are not the handling routes. In addition, before handling, if the lines need to be handled, it is usually necessary to avoid obstructing the handling work because of ditches and pipelines. Determination of equipment assembly site for some small equipment, there is no need to assemble, so there is no need to select the assembly site. However, some large-scale equipment needs to be assembled on site, which requires a site. According to Wuxi hoisting and handling company, the selection of assembly site also follows the principle of close installation. Then determine the site area according to the assembly requirements

lifting scheme of precision equipment

, lifting characteristics of precision machines

precision machines mainly include CNC, t, Mounter, drilling machine, laser machine, etc. Precision equipment is expensive, so you should be very careful when hoisting to protect the safety of machines and construction personnel

2. Precision machine "Xiao Yaqing indicates the advantages of hoisting

Jiangsu Yiding equipment hoisting and handling company uses a special lifting cage (platform) for high-altitude hoisting of precision equipment, which can ensure the safety of equipment and operators, especially for high-altitude hoisting of precision machines. Yiding equipment hoisting company makes a scientific and safe hoisting plan for you

work before large-scale hoisting Wuxi hoisting company is a professional company in Suzhou that specializes in providing equipment hoisting and handling services. The company has successfully completed the hoisting of large equipment for many times. From these hoisting cases, Suzhou hoisting company has come to a conclusion that the more sufficient the large-scale hoisting project is, the more convenient the hoisting is. The question is what needs to be done for large-scale hoisting. Suzhou hoisting company believes that although the hoisting process of large equipment is complex, the work can be summarized into three parts. First, inspection. It is a necessary work to inspect the hoisting of large equipment. The inspection includes three aspects

Wuxi New Area has complete generator hoisting equipment, and Yiding equipment hoisting and handling

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