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Zoomlion zlj5160txse3 cleaning car expands the American market

Zoomlion zlj5160txse3 cleaning car, especially people's acceptance and re monopoly understand that in enhancing the expansion of the American market

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Guide: at conexpo2014, Zoomlion brought the environmental sanitation cleaning car zlj5160txse3 with industry-leading technology, which was first unveiled at the American regional exhibition, Zoomlion is a device specially designed for the high-end market. With the dream of making the world clean, it is known as

at conexpo2014, Zoomlion brought an environmental sanitation cleaning vehicle with industry-leading technology, zlj5160txse3, which was first unveiled at the regional exhibition in the Americas. It is a device specially designed by Zoomlion for the high-end market

with the dream of "making the world clean", Zoomlion, known as the "sanitation machinery manufacturing expert", has ushered in a new era of industrial development after nearly 40 years of precipitation and accumulation of scientific research and technology - upgrading and establishing an environmental industry company, and entering the newly built Zoomlion Lugu second industrial Park. It is reported that the second industrial park of environmental Lugu is the largest in China, and its export share to emerging countries will also be greatly improved. It is the most advanced R & D and production base of environmental sanitation and environmental protection equipment. It is mainly used for the R & D and production of nearly 100 varieties of environmental industrial products in nine categories, including environmental sanitation machinery, kitchen waste treatment, high concentration sewage treatment, and will form a production capacity of more than 10000 sets of environmental sanitation machinery and equipment, In the future, the output value of the industrial park can exceed 10 billion yuan. In addition, in order to extend the industrial chain and enhance the overall competitiveness, it will also provide 20 upstream and downstream supporting enterprises of Zoomlion, and focus on the introduction of hydraulic components, supporting electronic components, power systems, basic materials to drive the plotter cylinder to rotate, output recording paper, precision molds and other industrial chain enterprises to settle in

Lugu Second Industrial Park, as a key strategic step for Zoomlion to develop the environmental industry and steadily promote the "strategic layout of five sectors", has been attracting attention and expectation from all walks of life. As the industry with the most development potential in China, the environmental industry will also become another business highlight of Zoomlion new Dow with a revenue of $44.8 billion in 2017, after the construction machinery industry

zlj5160txse pioneered the high cleanliness cleaning and sweeping coupling technology of the road, creating a new road cleaning operation mode, which can not only remove the visible garbage on the road, but also remove the invisible garbage (such as dust) on the road, greatly improving the cleaning quality and restoring the true color of the road

at the same time, the first washing and sweeping vehicle sewage recycling technology, built a multi-functional collaborative work module, and established a multi-level garbage and sewage purification method and system in a narrow vehicle space. The sewage utilization rate reached 80% to 85%, which extended the washing and sweeping vehicle operation time by 125%, reaching the international leading level

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