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ZTE signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Fujian Telecom and Huayu weaving

on April 26, 2021, Fujian Telecom, Fujian Jinjiang Huayu Weaving Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huayu weaving) and ZTE signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement to carry out in-depth cooperation in 5g and intelligent manufacturing fields that the three parties focus on. As long as the president of Huayu Zhengying group is experienced, Su Chengyu, Wang Furong, deputy general manager of the government and Enterprise Department of Fujian Telecom, and Liu Jinlong, vice president of ZTE are required to attend the signing ceremony

in this signing, the three parties regard each other as global strategic partners for their respective business development based on the principles of openness, fairness, mutual benefit and win-win results. At the same time, we should give full play to our advantages in their respective fields, integrate resources, unite strong forces, explore the innovative application of 5g in the textile industry, and accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of the textile industry

as a leading enterprise in China's warp knitting industry, Huayu weaving pioneered the operation mode of a full industrial chain textile group integrating chemical fiber, warp knitting, dyeing and finishing and sales in the industry. At present, it has become a large domestic manufacturer and supplier of warp knitted textile products. After the completion of the new production base, it will become China's largest warp knitted textile demonstration base, promoting the large-scale expansion of the group. Improve the corresponding standards

in 2020, Huayu weaving, together with Fujian Telecom and ZTE, created a warp knitting industry visual monitoring technology project based on 5g slicing special line. With the help of industrial control terminal based on 5g network and remote management of MES platform, automatic scheduling of warp knitting intelligent production plan, predictive remote maintenance of equipment, real-time visual monitoring of each process and operation point, order progress, equipment status The real-time monitoring and tracking of quality data can effectively shorten the order production cycle, reduce factory operating costs, and improve product qualification rate, production efficiency and energy efficiency

as a strategic business unit subordinate to Chinatelecom group, Fujian Telecom is the main contractor of Digital Fujian. As a local leading communication operator, Fujian Telecom is mainly engaged in mobile communication, Internet access and application, fixed and other businesses. In terms of industrial application, it covers government affairs, education, health care, finance and other industries, has created many industry-leading informatization project benchmarks, and has accumulated rich experience in improving the informatization level. Huayu weaving digital transformation project is a heavy blow of Fujian Telecom in the textile industry

ZTE, as the world's leading provider of integrated communication and information solutions, has a complete end-to-end product line and integration solutions in the communication industry, and is committed to becoming a road builder of the digital economy, empowering industry partners through capacity opening, building a 5g cloud ecosystem, and promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry. In the future, ZTE will continue to work with Fujian Telecom and Huayu weaving to create 5g innovation business cards, jointly promote the digital transformation and upgrading of the textile industry, and inject 5g into digital Fujian

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