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ZTE unveiled the 2015 China future network development and Innovation Forum on December 14 (Li Wenjie): Recently, the 2015 China future network development and innovation forum, the most influential annual event in China, CO hosted by the Chinese Academy of engineering and the Nanjing Municipal People's government and co hosted by Jiangsu future network innovation research institute and the next generation Internet Engineering Center, was held in Nanjing. The theme of the conference is to build future network test facilities and promote network development and innovation. ZTE shares the cleaning of elasticn barrel with cloud tube integration. Even if it is completed, the ET elastic network solution and its large-scale commercial deployment experience, especially in the design of more durable products used in more despicable environments, have attracted widespread attention in the industry

with the advent of the m-ict era, Internet of everything and mobile Internet have become the direction of the industry. Operators need to meet this challenge and opportunity, which puts forward higher requirements for network construction. How to achieve the maximum return with the minimum investment has also become an important direction for the development of global operators' networks

in order to effectively challenge the network reform, ZTE will take the network reconstruction based on sdn/nfv technology as the future network development strategy, and put forward the elasticnet elastic network target architecture and comprehensive solution of cloud management integration with the goal of flexibility, cloudization and openness. The national standard stipulates that the experimental speed is 200mm/min, and some market equipment is 10~500 mm/min to vigorously support the future network innovation and business innovation. ZTE cloud tube integrated elastic network scheme takes control centralization, function virtualization and network automation as the starting point, changes the traditional closed construction mode of network chimney, divides the horizontal functions of the network, constructs a three-tier architecture, introduces the multi-level DC deployment mode, and forms a telecom level future network architecture to provide services on demand in the form of sdn/nfv technology two wheel drive and mict-os unified management and control

at present, ZTE has launched cooperative research and development and commercial deployment in the future network based on sdn/nfv technology with many operators and partners around the world. 2015 is the first year for sdn/nfv to move from test and verification to commercial deployment. ZTE fully participated in the testing practice of domestic operators in various fields of sdn/nfv in this year; The flexible network scheme of cloud tube integration has been comprehensively tested and verified and verified in the commercial market. At the same time, ZTE has successfully completed five commercial deployments of vims/vepc based on nfv in the international market, and has basically achieved a comprehensive replacement of the technical solutions of traditional IMS and EPC, providing operators with a better technology evolution route, faster business launch time and lower TCO. ZTE also fully supported the testing of SPTN, sdon and SDN Metro e, which greatly promoted the maturity of SDN technology in the direction of Metro and backbone evolution

the gap can be appropriately enlarged

at this forum, ZTE shared and discussed in depth with industry experts and partners on topics such as jointly building the next generation cloud data center and ZTE sdn/nfv promoting the transformation of fixed broadband technology, and further explained the elasticnet elastic network architecture concept and the latest deployment progress of ZTE cloud management integration from different perspectives

ZTE has always been strategically invested in the sdn/nfv field, committed to promoting the research and development and practice of sdn/nfv technology, and becoming a pioneer in the sdn/nfv field; And actively participated in sdn/nfv open source work and became a platinum member of opnfv. ZTE sdn/nfv joint open laboratory took the lead in deploying the opnfvarno version, providing an international and open testing environment for industry partners, and accelerating the development of nfv network function virtualization. In the future, ZTE will continue to uphold the concept of openness, actively participate in and promote industrial chain cooperation, and jointly build the future ICT industry ecosystem

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