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Zstack won the 2020 trusted cloud technology best practice award

recently, the 2020 trusted cloud conference hosted by the China Academy of information and communications (hereinafter referred to as the China Academy of communications and communications) and the China Communications Standardization Association and hosted by the cloud computing open source industry alliance was officially held. This conference, with the theme of new digital infrastructure and trusted new ecosystem, convened many experts, scholars and enterprise representatives from the cloud computing industry, Discuss the future development trend of cloud computing industry in the context of the new infrastructure era, and announced a series of important achievements of the Institute of ICT research at the conference. Among them, the Forum on new opportunities of industry cloud focused on how the government cloud standard system can help the infrastructure construction of digital government, and the construction of government cloud is also the core concern of the current society

as an independent innovation and product focused cloud computing company, zstack won the trusted cloud technology best practice award selected and issued by the Academy of communications by virtue of the technological innovation of applying ft (fault tolerance) technology to the clamping thickness (mm): 0 ⑴ 5-stage (zstack mini) of cloud flat samples for the first time in China; And was invited to attend the conference. Xujiajun, general manager of Xinchuang products department, delivered a wonderful speech entitled zstack helping the government's digital transformation, elaborated on zstack's experience in government cloud construction accumulated over the years in the government industry, and interpreted the relevant policies and regulations of government cloud and the challenges faced by government cloud construction. This sharing not only shows the mature products and services of zstack, but also expounds how zstack provides a complete government cloud solution for the government and helps the digital transformation of the government

01zstack Mini won the 2020 trusted cloud technology best practice

the establishment of this award aims to promote the innovative development of cloud computing, establish a cloud computing trust system, standardize the cloud computing industry, and improve industrial technology and service levels, so as to promote the increasingly developed cloud computing system into the practical application stage. This time, zstack Mini edge computing all-in-one machine won the best practice of trusted technology - basic services, which is the recognition that zstack has led the innovation of cloud computing technology for many years

in the award-winning ft technology application practice (zstack mini), zstack adopted a new color (coarse grained load stepping virtual machines for non stop service) technology to achieve fault tolerance at the cloud platform level. This technology can achieve zero business interruption without transforming the upper application; Ensure the high availability of key services in extreme cases; Eliminate downtime accidents; It meets a variety of edge computing scenarios in the current Xinchuang scenario

zstack, as an innovator in the field of cloud computing, has continuously participated in the formulation of national standards and won many awards, including the white paper on nine application scenarios of cloud computing and edge computing collaboration, the white paper on hybrid cloud (2019), the white paper on Telecom cloud (2017), the white paper on hybrid cloud (2017), the white paper on open source governance, the white paper on the development of cloud convergence industry, the trusted cloud technology innovation award Trusted cloud user award, etc. In the future, zstack will continue to improve its innovation ability, effectively combine with practical application scenarios, and truly reduce the threshold for enterprises to go to the cloud, so that every enterprise has its own cloud

02zstack helps government digital transformation

China has been committed to building an efficient government with science and technology as its competitiveness. At present, government agencies at all levels have been equipped with relatively complete it application infrastructure. However, there are still various barriers between different regions and institutions, information transmission and linkage, resulting in energy efficiency losses, reducing administrative efficiency and other issues. The upgrading of the government cloud is imperative

Xu Jiajun said in her speech: zstack has completed the adaptation of mainstream chips and operating systems. With years of experience in government cloud construction and understanding of the needs of government industry informatization construction, we launched high-quality solutions for different scenarios

finally, Xu Jiajun shared a representative government cloud construction case in which zstac found that the roof leakage rate of residential buildings across the country was more than 95%. K smart Gui'an (Guizhou on cloud) and smart transportation of Chengdu ring expressway. As an edge computing module in the Guizhou system on cloud, smart Gui'an government cloud quickly adapts and deploys the self-developed zstack Alibaba cloud hybrid cloud based on the chips and servers of domestic arm architecture, ensuring the localization of the cloud platform. As the first et high-speed brain in China, zstack synchronizes the performance of the physical machine to the virtual machine through the ability of GPU transmission, helping the upper AI greatly improve its recognition ability. It can judge violations from within 20 meters to within 150 meters. In these two political construction projects, zstack gives full play to the advantage that the product cannot be operated without the consent of relevant leaders. Through the implementation of practical and effective solutions, it accurately solves the actual pain points of users

at present, driven by various factors at home and abroad, credit innovation has ushered in a period of vigorous development, and the trillion market has been opened, which not only brings opportunities to independent innovation enterprises, but also stimulates the national pride and sense of the domestic credit innovation industry. As a cloud platform manufacturer that adheres to independent innovation, zstack will never forget its original intention in the future. Starting from the actual needs of users, it will adhere to independent innovation, strengthen cooperation, and jointly build a benign cloud computing ecosystem, so as to contribute its own strength to the wisdom of Chinese government agencies on the road to the cloud and the speed-up of the information and innovation industry

about zstack

cloud axis, the total investment of these two projects is nearly 80million yuan. Science and Technology (zstack) is a domestic cloud computing company with independent innovation and focus on product. With the mission of reducing the threshold for enterprises to enter the cloud and the vision of letting each enterprise have its own cloud, it has created a zstack information and innovation cloud platform with independent intellectual property rights, independent open source cloud code and independent cloud platform, The fastest and most complete adaptation to domestic mainstream chips and operating systems, from core to cloud, is safe and reliable

facing the development opportunity of new infrastructure, zstack focuses on IAAs, and works with more than 200 partners, such as Alibaba cloud, tianyiyun, Feiteng, Huawei, dawn, great wall, Anheng, Kirin software, and Tongxin software, to work together for smart Gui'an, Jiamusi government cloud, Heilongjiang Provincial Traffic Police Corps, Xinjiang Meteorological Bureau, Nanjing University, Nanjing Metro, XCMG group, Ruisheng technology, Xuyang group, Sichuan Changhong, agricultural information interconnection More than 1200 customers such as Oriental Pearl TV Tower provide cloud products and services, covering more than 10 industries such as government, telecommunications, energy, transportation, education, manufacturing, medical treatment, finance, radio and television, and Internet. Products and solutions have been widely used in e-government, national defense and military industry, public security, smart cities and other fields

zstack information creation process:

in 2017, the first national cloud production platform project in the industry was launched, carrying the targeted poverty alleviation application in Guizhou on cloud

in 2018, zstack has successively supported sd-wan, domestic arm, Alibaba cloud yundun/Pangu/container/cloud effect/aliware

in 2019, it will be the fastest and most fully compatible with mainstream domestic chips such as Feiteng, Kunpeng, haiguang, godson, trillion core, as well as domestic operating systems such as Kirin software and Tongxin software

in 2020, zstack Xinchuang cloud platform based on elastic bare metal function will be released to adapt to any domestic heterogeneous physical environment

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