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The Hunan delegation had a lively discussion atmosphere and spoke actively. p>

Zhan Chunxin introduced that China's equipment manufacturing industry is currently facing the pressure of "superposition of three phases" and is experiencing the pain of transformation. Facing this "pain", enterprises are working both internally and externally. Through their own transformation and innovation and external "going out", under the guidance of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, they have broadened the path of transformation and upgrading, opened up a new space for international production capacity cooperation, and made their "going out" more stable

then, representative Zhan Chunxin made an in-depth and detailed analysis of these two aspects in combination with Zoomlion's own practice, He said, "in the practice of transformation, we firmly grasp the fundamental of product innovation, break through the technical, quality and cost barriers with the spirit of craftsmanship, and improve product intelligence with innovative thinking. On the one hand, we pay attention to fine management, reduce costs, deleverage and reduce inventory; on the other hand, we also pay attention to industrial transformation and enter emerging industries such as environmental protection and agricultural machinery, which account for 45% of the company's business."

"after this series of transformation efforts, enterprises have generally stabilized and recovered. However, we realize that sustainable development requires a larger market. Transformation and upgrading also includes another important aspect, that is, enterprises should go out." Zhan Chunxin continued

on March 5, Premier Li Keqiang emphasized in his government work report at the fourth session of the 12th National People's Congress that we should expand new space for regional development and combine the construction of the "the Belt and Road" with regional development and opening up, and stressed that, "Accelerate the implementation of the" going global "strategy. Encourage enterprises to participate in overseas infrastructure construction and production capacity cooperation, and promote the internationalization of railways, electric power, communications, construction machinery, automobiles, aircraft, electronics and other Chinese equipment. Expand the channels for the use of foreign exchange reserves, and improve financial, information, legal, consular protection services. Pay attention to risk prevention, and improve the ability to protect overseas rights and interests. Let Chinese enterprises go ahead, stay stable, and become strong in international competition Strengthen your muscles and bones, develop and grow. "

in the process of promoting "going global", Zoomlion has acquired British treasure, which is the global development trend of the automotive industry, Lujie, CIFA and ladurner in Italy, m-TEC in Germany, raxtar in the Netherlands, and established an Indian joint venture to "go global" with capital, culture, management and production capacity. After the acquisition of CIFA company in Italy, it paid attention to cultural tolerance. So far, the headquarters of the company has not appointed a Chinese person to manage the company, but the daily operation of CIFA company has been incorporated into the management system of Zoomlion. This kind of acquisition and management mode has been unanimously recognized by the Italian government, business circles and employees

Zhan Chunxin also believes that with the promotion of the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, enterprises have a broader international vision. Zoomlion has become one of the first Chinese funded enterprises to settle in the China Belarus Industrial Park. Since then, Zoomlion has cooperated with the local maz Truck Group Company in Belarus, used China's engineering machinery technology and manufacturing capacity, combined with maz heavy truck chassis, and spent more than 7 months to develop and manufacture three specifications of truck cranes and sanitation sweepers that meet the local market demand

Zhan Chunxin later said that the premier also mentioned in the government work report that the key tasks of the country in 2016 include promoting the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, deeply promoting "made in China + interconnection", implementing a number of intelligent manufacturing demonstration projects, etc., and the key to promoting "made in China 2025" is to promote "made in China 'intelligence"

he said that at present, Zoomlion is implementing the "product 4.0" project, starting from the supply side structural reform, comprehensively combing the product type spectrum, integrating information, intelligence and Internet technology, new material technology, manufacturing technology, industrial design technology and other technologies to comprehensively improve products. Zoomlion is also moving forward from "enterprise informatization" to "informatization enterprise", and has established the industrial interconnection development idea of "products on the cloud, data on the cloud, and market on the palm"

he also told the author that since 2009, Zoomlion has started from the two largest business divisions at that time - concrete machinery branch and engineering crane branch. Based on the sap framework, it has used ERP system to uniformly manage production, procurement, sales, logistics and finance. After several years of development, ERP system has basically realized the comprehensive coverage of Zoomlion's 17 business divisions, and has significantly improved the daily material testing of production, supply and marketing, finance, etc. within the enterprise. The operation business is under the unified management and control of the same information system. For this reason, Zoomlion's monthly output value exceeds several billion yuan, but the monthly order cost difference is controlled within 500000 yuan on average, and the minimum monthly difference once reached 30000 yuan. This alone means that the company has saved nearly 300million yuan in costs. Machines in some places are very cheap, and Zoomlion is also continuing to focus on the company's business model transformation and intelligent manufacturing needs, accelerating the transformation and upgrading from traditional manufacturing to high-end intelligent manufacturing services. Among them, the long-term goal of the enterprise is to build five global integration platforms, including an "interconnected, intelligent, controllable and safe" integrated marketing and customer service platform, a risk management and control platform, an intelligent R & D and manufacturing platform, an industrial collaboration platform, and a digital decision support platform

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