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ZTE 5g standard experts won the commendation again

recently, at the plenary meeting of IEEE (tensile strength 5.8gpa, modulus 270gpainstitute of electrical and Electronics Engineers) 802 lan/man Standard Committee held in Berlin, Germany, IEEE standards association (ieee-sa) awarded two 5g standards experts, Sun Bo and Lu Kaiying, to ZTE respectively. This is the second time that the IEEE standards association awarded the outstanding contribution award to Sun Bo, an expert of ZTE standards, to two experts of ZTE in March this year, which shows the high recognition of IEEE standards association for ZTE's continuous contribution to the research of next-generation wireless communication technology standards, and reflects the increasing influence of ZTE in 5g standard fields such as IEEE standards association

ieee-sa standard project commendation awards recognize individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the successful release of IEE with the characteristics of simple structure, convenient use, small size, light weight, intuitive reading, etc. During the development of IEEE 802.11ah-2016 standard, Sun Bo and Lu Kaiying of ZTE made important contributions to the technical definitions of the media access layer and physical layer of the standard, which effectively promoted the successful release of the standard. IEEE 802.11ah-2016 standard, which has been recently released, is an important standard for the application of wireless local area technology in the unlicensed frequency band below 1 GHz, and can support various IOT applications such as low power consumption and large coverage

as a major participant and contributor in 5g global technology and standards research, ZTE has maintained a large amount of research investment in IEEE standards organization since 2005, and also actively participated in the management and operation of ieee-sa. ZTE's standard pre research experts have participated in a number of ieee-sa standard projects and served as members or co chairs of working groups in the IEEE standards association

ZTE currently has the ability of independent research and development, and has joined more than 40 standardization organizations, alliances or forums. It is a major member of international standards organizations and industry alliances such as ITU, 3GPP, IEEE, NGMN, ETSI, openfog, CCSA, imt-2020, 5GMF, 5gia, 5gaa, which can provide customers with timely and excellent services, and has made contributions to the 5g standard field

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