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ZTE and Jiangsu Telecom jointly established the "IPTV application innovation center"

CTI Forum on December 28 (Fan Yi): on December 26, the Jiangsu three integration industry cooperation promotion meeting was held in Nanjing. The meeting was hosted by Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission and co organized by Chinatelecom Jiangsu branch and ZTE Co., Ltd. During the meeting, Gao Tongqing, general manager of Jiangsu Telecom, and Lu Ping, vice president of ZTE, jointly unveiled the IPTV application innovation center

in order to vigorously promote the three integration work in Jiangsu and promote the common development of relevant enterprises upstream and downstream of the provincial industrial chain, during the conference, the China wind speed conference accelerated the heat exchange between the surface of the test piece and the active air flow in the box. Jiangsu Branch of Telecom also signed an informatization strategic cooperation agreement with 16 IT enterprises in Jiangsu represented by Nanjing ZTE Software Co., Ltd

since the pilot of "three convergence", IPTV, as one of the most important businesses of "three convergence", has undoubtedly witnessed a huge business opportunity and rapid development. Jiangsu power will affect the application life of some components. As the earliest practitioner of domestic IPTV business, with the strong alliance with ZTE, Jiangsu power has achieved explosive growth in business in just three years, achieving the largest single platform office in the world, the largest user scale in the country, and the remarkable development speed

Jiangsu IPTV application innovation center will take improving user experience and innovating business as the theme, optimize the original value-added business development mode, closely track industry trends, carry out research and development of new businesses and commercial practice of new businesses, form a mechanism for the rapid launch of IPTV new businesses, and provide emerging and attractive businesses to the public faster. The innovation center will jointly develop a number of innovative value-added services such as TV news (TVMs), community TV (user SNS system), smart community, TV global eye, etc. to meet users' broader leisure, entertainment, life and other needs, so as to improve users' participation, meet users' personalized, convenient and interactive business needs, and become a business experience that attracts users' attention. It can be predicted that Jiangsu Telecom users will be the first to experience various emerging value-added services from IPTV

Lu Ping, vice president of ZTE, said: in the context of the accelerated development of "three convergence", strengthening the research and rapid development and deployment of IPTV value-added services has become an important strategic measure for operators to maintain the competitive advantage of IPTV services. In the future, value-added services will become the main business growth point and profit point in the mature period of IPTV business development, and become an important engine for operators to improve the competitiveness of broadband video services

as of Q3 2012, ZTE has established 45 iptv3 commercial offices around the world, with a slightly loose price in mid and late March. The total capacity of the system exceeds 20million and the number of activated users exceeds 12million. ZTE's IPTV and Ott multi screen integration business based on TV, computer, and pad creates a converged video business platform for global customers, comprehensively covering Telecom target customers and providing a one-stop experience. At the same time, ZTE has actively cooperated with operators to carry out the research and deployment of IPTV value-added services, setting off another wave of innovation and development of network video services

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