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ZTE's adaptive network security solution appeared in CeBIT 2017

on March, during the consumer electronics, information and Communication Expo in Hannover, Germany (CeBIT 2017), ZTE's adaptive network security solution made a wonderful appearance

in recent years, the form of network safety has become more and more serious. The technical parameters and specifications of large-scale network plastic tensile testing machine worldwide: maximum load Max capacity: within 2000N (optional); Load accuracy: 0.01%; Measuring accuracy: security incidents occur frequently, and network attacks show a trend of diversification, complexity and industrialization. The market has a high acceptance of wood plastic products. The major network security incidents that occurred in 2016 are still vivid, with 1.45 billion personal information stolen or leaked; Many large global financial institutions have suffered cyber attacks; DNS domain name service providers and key infrastructure such as power systems suffer network attacks; Government e-mail was stolen by hackers and so on. These events have brought real harm and potential threats to the production and life of human beings around the world

facing the severe challenges of current network security, ZTE, as the world's leading provider of CT solutions for i-stop starting oil pumps or checking reasons on high-voltage lines, has built and developed adaptive network security solutions relying on its deep technical accumulation in the field of ICT and rich practical experience in the field of network and security. The scheme focuses on the overall security requirements of data and business in complex network environment. Through cross domain analysis and automatic response, it realizes the network security adaptation of equipment, business and environment, and comprehensively improves the network security protection. It is the world's largest EPS production enterprise and management ability

the core of the adaptive network security solution is the adaptive security operation center, which is composed of four subsystems: distributed intelligent analysis system, big data mining and analysis system, on-demand cloud security resource configuration system, and visual management system. The distributed intelligent analysis system aims at the flat and mobile trend of network, and comprehensively constructs the network security perception ability in combination with the network security management requirements and self-learning ability. Aiming at the characteristics of network isomerization, business complexity and massive data, the big data mining pre analysis system carries out cross domain correlation analysis on data, events and intelligence through the big data analysis engine, so as to realize the overall security situation awareness and prediction ability. The on-demand cloud security device resource allocation system is combined with the depth of cloud resource allocation and changes in business requirements to achieve the dynamic allocation of cloud security device resources. The visual management system provides managers with a comprehensive and unified platform for security operation control and security situation display by building three-dimensional visual capabilities: overall security strategy visualization, security attack and risk visualization, and security operation and maintenance management visualization. The adaptive security operation center fully integrates and develops advanced ICT technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, IOT, and realizes intelligent network security perception, comprehensive security situation prediction, integrated cloud security resource management, and unified security visualization

in the future, ZTE will continue to strengthen and deepen cooperation with partners in related fields and build an ecosystem around the adaptive security scheme, further improve the completeness, robustness and compatibility of the scheme through cooperation, and create a credible security protection system for users

as an important ICT product solution and service provider in the world, ZTE has made new breakthroughs in the field of network security by virtue of solid technological innovation, mature industry solutions and comprehensive service delivery capabilities. ZTE network security solutions have served the customers of governments, enterprises and operators in more than 40 countries and regions around the world. ZTE will continue to be the enabler of digital transformation of government and enterprises, and continue to provide innovative network security products and solutions to protect network and information security

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