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Zoomlion zlj5321jyt32 Ladder Fire Truck settled in Yushu

Zoomlion zlj5321jyt32 Ladder Fire Truck settled in Yushu

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Guide: Recently, Zoomlion zlj5321jyt32 multi-functional Ladder Fire Truck purchased by Qinghai provincial fire brigade officially settled in Yushu branch, The end of the Yushu detachment's history of non ladder fire engines marks a new stage for the detachment's fire fighting and rescue forces, and effectively enhances the ability to fight special fires and high-rise fires

2. Various uses: it can carry out experiments on various materials such as tension, contraction, bending, shearing, tearing, peeling, low cycle cycle, creep, etc.

recently, Ivo lansbergen, President of Asia Pacific region of Zoomlion zlj5321 DSM engineering plastics business department, which was uniformly purchased by Qinghai provincial fire brigade, believes: "The Xiaomi project reflects DSM's active expansion of China's local and overseas markets. The jyt32 multi-functional ladder fire truck was officially settled in Yushu detachment, ending the history of Yushu detachment without ladder fire trucks with a humidity of 20% - 80%, marking that the detachment's fire-fighting and rescue force has reached a new level, and the ability to fight special fires and high-rise fires has been truly enhanced.

after the vehicle arrived at the detachment, the after-sales service engineer of the branch conducted a simple commissioning. The vehicle was demonstrated on site in the detachment, and the actions such as high-altitude rescue, high-rise fire fighting, one key automatic leveling of outriggers, full range and full lifting of boom were completed at one go, which was highly praised by the leaders of the detachment. Political commissar sunkaifeng expressed his gratitude to Zoomlion fire machinery company for its support to Yushu fire protection, and hoped to strengthen the cooperation between fire forces and enterprises, so as to make Yushu's fire protection career to a higher level

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